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ADAMS Trees  England, Devon , Alwington  Ann about 1747 
ADKINS Trees  England, Oxfordshire , Duns Tew  Ann before 1743 
ADKINS Trees  England, Northamptonshire   married in Woodford Halse 1762 
AINGE Trees  England, Warwickshire , Salford Priors  Elizabeth about 1740 
ALBOTT Trees  England, Worcestershire , Tardbrigg or Feckenham  Sarah about 1745 
ALBUTT Trees  England, Worcestershire , Tardebigg or Feckenham  Sarah 1745 
ALFORD Trees  England, Devon , Alwington  about 1660 
ALIBONE Trees  England, Warwickshire , Wolfhampcot   
ALLEN Trees  England, Oxfordshire , Steeple Barton  about 1772 
ALLEY Trees  England, Oxfordshire , Charlton on Otmoor  Grace before 1659 
AMOS Trees  England, Somerset , Paulton  Jacob about 1780 
ARRIS Trees  England, Warwickshire , Southam  Alice about 1727 
ATTWELL Trees  England, Berkshire , Letcombe Regis  Elizabeth about 1734 
BALE Trees  England, Devon , Alwington  John about 1659 
BALL Trees  England, Worcestershire , Domaston  Elizabeth married 1743 
BAROTLES Trees  England, Worcestershire , Tardbrigg   
BATES Trees  England, Shropshire , Newport  Margaret about 1700 
BATES Trees  England, Staffordshire , Kingswinford  William about 1725 
BATTEN Trees  England, Somerset , Shipham  John pre 1700 
BIGFORD Trees  England, Devon , Alwington  Benjamin about 1673 
BILLS Trees  England, Warwickshire , Seckington  Ann about 1743 
BIRD Trees  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham  Joseph about 1786 
BLACK Trees  England, Devon , St Giles in the Wood  Esther about 1650 
BLOWER Trees  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham  Simon about 1775 
BRADLEY Trees  England, Worcestershire , Bromsgrove  Henry about 1654 
BRAY Trees  England, Cornwall , Gwinear  Robert about 1782 
BRIGHT Trees  England, Devon , Beaford  John about 1674 
BROMLEY Trees  England, Oxfordshire , N Newington  John about 1686 
BROMLY Trees  England, Oxfordshire , Broughton/Newington  Variant of bromley 
BROOKHOLDIN Trees  England, Worcestershire , martin Hussingtree  Joyce about 1720 
BROWN Trees  England, Worcestershire , Leigh or Branford  Charles about 1740 
BRYANT Trees  England, Cornwall , Phillack  Catherine about 1731 
BULL Trees  England, Somerset , Paulton  Joseph about 1729 
BUNCE Trees  England, Berkshire , Wantage  John 1st child 1720 
CABBELL Trees  England, Somerset , Kilmersdon  Mary about 1729 
CAREY Trees  England, Oxfordshire , Kidlington  John about 1687 
CARTER Trees  England, Somerset , Paulton  Simon about 1719 
CHAMBERS Trees  Aston  Josephbabout 1747 
CHESHIRE Trees  England, Leicestershire , Nailstone  Thomas about 1733 
CLARKE Trees  England, Leicestershire , Twycross   
CLAY Trees  England, Oxfordshire , DUNS TEW  Francis about 1743 
CLAY Trees  England, Northamptonshire , Woodland Halse  Francis about 1743 
COLLINS Trees  England, Berkshire , West Hendred  Jane married 1685 
CORBET Trees  England, Warwickshire , Newton Regis  Richard about 1648 
COX Trees  England, Nottinghamshire , Stoke Lyne  Joseph about 1715 
CROFTS Trees  England, Northamptonshire , Brockhall  Thomas about1700 
DALMAN Trees  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham  Elizabeth about 1757 
DANDY Trees  England, Worcestershire , Hanbury  Thomas about 1690 
DAVIES Trees  Wales, Pembrokeshire , Narbeth  Benjamin about 1784 
DIMENT Trees  England, Devon , Beaford  William about 1676 
DOLY Trees  England, Warwickshire , Lapworth  William about 1667 
DUGARD Trees  England, Worcestershire , Salwarpe  Thomas about 1687 
DUNN Trees  England, Warwickshire , Warwick  Elizabeth about 1773 
DUNSBY Trees  England, Oxfordshire , Yarnton  about 1670 
DUNSBY Trees  England, Oxfordshire , Kidlington  Thomas about 1760 
DYMENT Trees  England, Devon , Beaford  William about 1676 
EDMESTON Trees  England, Northumberland , Berwick upon Tweed  Jess about 1818 
EDWARDS Trees  England, Northamptonshire , Braunston  Jane about 1768 
ELLARD Trees  England, Warwickshire , Willoughby  William about 1735 
EVANS Trees  England, Worcestershire , Grimley  John about 1660 
FAULKNER Trees  England, Oxfordshire , Combe  Edward about 1720 
FENNIMORE Trees  England, Buckinghamshire , Tingewick  John about 1490 
FISHER Trees  England, Worcestershire , Hanley William  Thomas about 1640 
FOLLAND Trees  England, Devon , Beaford& DOLTON  Earliest Michael 1635? 
FOLLY Trees  England, Devon , Dolton  Michael about 1640 
FOXALL Trees  England, Worcestershire , Hanley William  James about 1666 
FROUD Trees  England, Berkshire , Welford  Nicholas about 1650 
GEATON Trees  England, Devon , St Giles in the wood  Henry about 1650 
GEORGE Trees  England, Warwickshire , Wormleighton  Jane about 1725 
GILBERT Trees  England, Devon , Beaford  Richard 1678 
GILES Trees  England, Oxfordshire , Bletchington  Martin about 1675 
GOUD Trees  England, Warwickshire , Wasperton   
GOULD Trees  England, Somerset , Chilcompton  Hannah married 1802 
GREEN Trees  England, Warwickshire , Aston  Susanna married 1801 
GRILLES Trees  England, Devon , Little Torrington  Joan about 1678 
GRUNDY Trees  England, Berkshire , Childrey  William 1780 
HADLAND Trees  England, Oxfordshire , Shipton on Cherwel  Richard about 1721 
HAKESLEY Trees  England, Warwickshire , Wolfhampcote  Thomas about 1650 
HALE Trees  England, Oxfordshire , N.Newington  Elizabeth about 1686 
HALL Trees  England, Shropshire , Admaston  William about 1798 
HAMMER Trees  England, Herefordhire , Hereford  James about 1730 
HARRIS Trees  England, Worcestershire , Ombersley  Daniel about 1715 
HARTLAND Trees  England, Worcestershire , BROADWAS  Mary about 1792 
HARTLEY Trees  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham  Edward about 1757 
HAYES Trees  England, Somerset , Paulton  Mary married 1761 
HEMMING Trees  England, Worcestershire , Salwarpe and Chaddesley Corbett   
HEW Trees  England, Somerset , Paulton  Martha about 1780 
HILL Trees  England, Oxfordshire , YARN|TON  Mary about 1763 
HINTON Trees  England, Worcestershire , Hanley William  Joan about 1636 
HODGES Trees  England, Worcestershire , Martley  Edward about 1788 
HOLLIOAKE Trees  England, Warwickshire , Lapworth  John about 1566 
HORNBLOW Trees  England, , Worcestershire  Grisegunne married in Feckenham 1700 
HYDE Trees  England, Oxfordshire , Oxford  Elizabeth about 1524 
ISAAC Trees  England, Devon , Beaford  Roger about 1675 
JAMES Trees  England, Berkshire , West Henney  Alice married 1620 
JAMES Trees  England, Cornwall , Camborne  Elizabeth Married 1687 
JOHN Trees  England, Cornwall , Illogan  Ann about 1797 
JONES Trees  Wales, Carmarthenshire , Llangynog  Evan about 1809 
JONES Trees  England, Worcestershire , Ombersley  Mary about 1660 
JONES Trees  England, Devon , Yarnscombe  Mary about 1774 
KIBLER Trees  England, Warwickshire , Newbold Pacey  Robert about 1730 
KNIGHT Trees  England, Berkshire , Chaddeworth  John about 1663 
KNIGHT Trees  England, Worcestershire , Ombersley   
LAY Trees  England, Berkshire , West Henney  Richard married 1620 
LEWIS Trees  England, Worcestershire , Dudley  William about 1780 
LIDDELL Trees  England, Northumberland , Lamesley  Thomas about 1810 
LOGAN Trees  England, Northumberland , Berwick upon Tweed  James about 1818 
MADDOMS Trees  England, Berkshire , Steventon  Martha about 1755 
MAGGS Trees  England, Somerset , Paulton  Ann about 1747 
MARLES Trees  England, Devon , Beaford  Mary about 1770 
MARSHALL Trees  England, Worcestershire , Holt  Thomas about 1709 
MARSHALL Trees  England, Devon , Beaford  John about 1670 
MARTIN Trees  England, Worcestershire , Ombersley  Richard m 1677 
MCCRORY Trees  Ireland, Derry / Londonderry , Killyberry Ballyscullion, Castledawson  Mary married 1814 to James McMullin 
MCMULLIN Trees  Ireland, Derry / Londonderry , Bellaghy  James (a shoemaker) about 1800 
MELLOR Trees  England, Warwickshire , Chilvers Coton  Thomas about 1782 
MERCER Trees  England, Oxfordshire , Bodicote  William about 1767 
MERCER Trees  England, Oxfordshire , Sandford St Martin  William 1767 
MILLARD Trees  England, Somerset , Paulton  Mary m 1739 
MITCHEL Trees  England, Cornwall , Gwinear  Ralph had children from 1700 
MITCHELL Trees  England, Devon , Beaford  Eleanor married 1694 
MORBY Trees  England, Oxfordshire , Broughton  Variant of Moreby 
MOREBY Trees  England, Oxfordshire , Broughton  John about 1680 
MORGON Trees  England, Worcestershire , Bromsgrove  Ann had daughter 1732 
MORRALL Trees  England, Warwickshire , Knowle  Mary married 1687 
MOULE Trees  England, Worcestershire , Ombersley or Worcester  William about 1670 
MUNSLOW Trees  England, Shropshire , Wellington  William about 1700 
NEATHERWAY Trees  England, Herefordhire , Ledbury  John about 1680 
NEEDLE Trees  England, Oxfordshire , Tadmorton  John a soldier about 1800 
NEWETT Trees  England, Norfolk , Daventry   
NOBES Trees  England, Berkshire , Longcot  Aaron married 1708 
NOTT Trees  England, Devon , Beaford  Arthur married 1723 
NOTT Trees  Salwarpe  Richard about 1745 
OAKLEY Trees  England, Staffordshire , Kingswinford  Sarah about 1725 
ORTON Trees  England, Leicestershire , Norton Juxta Twycross  Ann about 1770 
PALMER Trees  England, Warwickshire , Rowington  Thomas about 1670 
PARKER Trees  England, Somerset , Chew Magna  Ann abt 1744 
PEARCY Trees  England, Worcestershire , Bromsgrove  Stephen abot 1680 
PENSON Trees  England, Shropshire , Lilleshall  Thomas about 1645 
PERKINS Trees  England, Somerset , Stratton on the Fosse  Jonathan married in 1802 
PERRY Trees  England, Somerset , Chew agna  Elizabeth abt 1793 
PHILLIPS Trees  England, Cornwall , St Ewe  William about 1780 
POCOCKE Trees  England, Devon   Catherine about 1680 
PRATT Trees  England, Warwickshire , Salford Priors  John about 1665 
RAY Trees  England, Warwickshire , Edgbaston  John about 1760 
REED Trees  England, Cornwall , Gwithian  Sarah about 1767 
REEVES Trees  England, Berkshire , Longcot  Elizabethabout 1780 
REYMOR Trees  England, Devon , Alwington  John about 1690 
ROBY Trees  England, Berkshire , Charney Bassett  Robert about 1730 
ROSTINS Trees  England, Worcestershire , Ombersley  Samuel about 1735 
RULE Trees  England, Cornwall , Gwinear  about 1700 
SAVORY Trees  England, Oxfordshire , Kidlington  Mary about 1732 
SHARE Trees  England, Staffordshire , Kingswinford  Joseph about 1785 
SHIPMAN Trees  England, Worcestershire   Alice about 1700 
SHORT Trees  England, Somerset , Paulton  Thomas & Mary married 1761 
SIMMONDS Trees  England, Oxfordshire , Shipton on Cherwell  Robert about 1670 
SKELLET Trees  England, Warwickshire , Poleworth  Edward about 1676 
SMITH Trees  England, Berkshire , Chaddeworth  Edward about 1700 
SMITH Trees  England, Shropshire , Preston on the Weald Moors  Francis about 1730 
SMITH Trees  England, Shropshire , Church Aston  William about 1670 
STANDLEY Trees  England, Warwickshire , Warwick  Joseph about 1766 
STANFIELD Trees  Birmingham  Thomas married 1801 
STEVENTON Trees  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham  Sarah about 1769 
SWANSON Trees  England, Warwickshire , Seckington  Mary about 1720 
SWETNELL Trees  England, Leicestershire , Markfield  Phoebe about 1710 
TAYLER Trees  England, Warwickshire , Wolston  Elizabeth about 1750 
TAYLOR Trees  England, Berkshire , Sparsholt   
THOMAS Trees  England, Herefordhire   Thomas about 1755 
THORLEY Trees  England, Warwickshire , Aston  Catherine about 1750 
TIMMINS Trees  England, Staffordshire , Kingswinford  Maria about 1780 
TIMMS Trees  England, Warwickshire , Warwick  Thomas about 1777 
TOMKINS Trees  England, Herefordhire , Yarkhill  Richard about 1555 
TOMLINSON Trees  England, Leicestershire , Nailstone  Richard about 1720 
TREPAS Trees  England, Northamptonshire , Brockhall   
VEAL Trees  England, Cornwall , Camborne   
VICKORY Trees  England, Devon , Merton  Benjamin about 1730 
VINCENT Trees  England, Oxfordshire , Broughton  James about 1710 
WALTER Trees  England, Devon , Alwington  Jenkin about 1660 
WATSON Trees  England, Warwickshire , Willoughby  Elizabeth about 1740 
WATSON Trees  England, Northumberland , Lemington  John about 1811 
WELCH Trees  England, Oxfordshire , Deddington  Christopher about 1720 
WEST Trees  England, Oxfordshire , Banburyarea  Ann about 1694 
WESTON Trees  England, Berkshire , Charney Basset  Anna Maria about 1730 
WHITEHOUSE Trees  England, Staffordshire , Wombourne or Sedgley  Samuel about 1750 
WILKENS Trees  England, Leicestershire , Twycross   
WILKINS Trees  England, Leicestershire , Appleby   
WILKINS Trees  England, Berkshire , Ashbury and Longcot   
WILKS Trees  England, Worcestershire , Ombersley  Richard about 1575 
WILLIAMS Trees  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham  Richard about 1760 
WILLIAMS Trees  England, Warwickshire , Lapworth  Sarah about 1670 
WILMOT Trees  England, Warwickshire , Aston  Maria about 1795 
WOODWARD Trees  England, Oxfordshire , Oxford  Thomas about 1695 
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