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ADAMS Jamys  England, Warwickshire , BIRMINGHAM  Gun Trade 
ANDREWS Jamys  England, Devon , Stoke Damerel  Stoke Damerel 1700's& 1800's/Birming 
BALL Jamys  England, Gloucestershire , Bristol 1700's   
BARBER Jamys  England, Gloucestershire , Gloucester 1800's  Carpenter 
BARBER Jamys  England, Shropshire , Rodington  Eleanor Barber b1776 
BATE Jamys  England, Worcestershire , Worcester 1800's   
BEARD Jamys  England, Gloucestershire , Longhope  Ann Cambridge Beard 
BENNETT Jamys  England, Worcestershire , Hanley Castle 1800's/Ledbury  Barnabas Bennett 
BISHOP Jamys  England, Gloucestershire , Tewkesbury  1800's 
BOSWELL Jamys  England, Worcestershire   Thomas Boswell c. 1775 
BROWETT Jamys  England, Gloucestershire , Tewkesbury   
BUSBY Jamys  England, Oxfordshire , Steeple Aston 1800's/Tipton  Canal Boatman 
BUSH Jamys  England, Gloucestershire , Bitton 1700's  Blacksmith 
CAMBRIDGE Jamys  England, Gloucestershire , Gloucester  Martha Cambridge 
CLARKE Jamys  England, Warwickshire , Stretton on Dunsmore  1800's 
COMPTON Jamys  England, Warwickshire , Foleshill  Sarah Compton married William Luckman 
CURENICK Jamys  England, Warwickshire , Stratford on Avon  Sarah 1700's 
DALTON Jamys  England, Warwickshire , Foleshill  1800's 
DAVIES Jamys  England, Shropshire , Habberly  Margaret Davies b1791 
DICKENS Jamys  England, Northamptonshire , Woodford 1700's   
DONE Jamys  England, Worcestershire , Leigh, Bradsford 1700's  Mary married William Linton 
DRAGE Jamys  England, Northamptonshire , Woodford 1700's   
ELLIMAN Jamys  England, Warwickshire , Foleshill  1800's 
FLETCHER Jamys  England, Gloucestershire , Tewkesbury 1700's  Mary married Thomas Mann 
FORD Jamys  England, Gloucestershire , Bitton   
GRIFFIN Jamys  England, Gloucestershire , Barton St. Mary   
HANDS Jamys  England, Worcestershire , Redditch/Birmingham  Birmingham 1800's/Redditch 1700's/1800's 
HAUGHTON Jamys  England, Warwickshire , Coventry, Stoke  1800's 
HICKS Jamys  England, Gloucestershire , prior to 1840's  Tewkesbury 
HUMPHREYS Jamys  England, Northamptonshire , Woodford/Smethwick   
KNIGHT Jamys  England, Warwickshire , Stoke  Elizabeth Knight & James Haughton 
LANE Jamys  England, Gloucestershire , Bristol  1700's 
LINTON Jamys  England, Worcestershire , Leigh, Bradsford 1700's  William Linton & Mary Done 
LUCKMAN Jamys  England, Warwickshire , Foleshill  William 1790, 1819, 1855 
MANN Jamys  England, Gloucestershire , Tewkesbury 1811  Mary married William Browett 
MANSELL Jamys  England, Gloucestershire , Gloucester 1800's  Carpenter 
MOGG Jamys  England, Warwickshire , Studley 1700's   
NAISH Jamys  England, Gloucestershire , Bitton   
NICHOLLS Jamys  England, Warwickshire , Stratford Upon Avon  1700's 
OLIVER Jamys  England, Worcestershire , Newland 1800's   
PALMER Jamys  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham 1800's   
PHILLIPS Jamys  England, Gloucestershire , Bristol 1800's/Birmingham   
PLANT Jamys  England, Worcestershire , Hanley Castle 1700's  Elizabeth married George Williams 
PYE Jamys  England, Gloucestershire , Tewkesbury 1700's  Mary married Benjamin Mann 
RADBORNE Jamys  England, Oxfordshire , Abingdon 1800's   
RICHARDS Jamys  England, Warwickshire , Collycroft 1820's/Woodford 1840's   
RILEY Jamys  England, Warwickshire , Stoke  Ann Riley & James Haughton 
ROBINSON Jamys  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham  Eliza 1800's married William Andrews 
SHERWELL Jamys  England, Devon , St. Budeaux/Plymouth  Sarah 1700's 
SMITH Jamys  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham/Stratford upon Avon 1700's &g   
SPRY Jamys  England, Devon , Shaugh Prior/Devon  Jacob 1700's 
STARKEY Jamys  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham 1800's   
STEPHENS Jamys  England, Gloucestershire , Newent 1800's   
STOPP Jamys  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham & Stretton  1800's 
THOMPSON Jamys  England, Gloucestershire , Bitton   
THOMSON Jamys  England, Warwickshire , Wellesbourne  1700's 
TIMMINS Jamys  England, Staffordshire , Tipton 1800's   
TRUSLOWE Jamys  England, Warwickshire , Foleshill  Hannah Truslowe 
WALFORD Jamys  England, Warwickshire , Sambourne 1700's   
WELLS Jamys  England, Northamptonshire , Woodford 1700's   
WEST Jamys  England, Warwickshire , Stratford Upon Avon  1700's 
WHITEHOUSE Jamys  England, Staffordshire , Tipton 1800's  Miners 
WILLIAMS Jamys  England, Worcestershire , Hanley Castle/Smethwick   
WINSPER Jamys  England, Staffordshire , Bilston  Fairground people 
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