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ASHTON Diana  England, Buckinghamshire , Langley marish Buckinghamshire  FANNY, 1st wife of John Fulkes 
BOTT Diana  England, Shropshire , Shifnal Shropshire  CAROLINE B. - wife of James Worrall 
BROWN Diana  England, London , Eton London  HARRIET ANN 
CLEE Diana  England, Shropshire , Tregodea Shropshire  JAMES C. 
DORSETT Diana  England, Shropshire , High Street Dawley Shropshire  MARY ANN D. mother of Winifren Morrey 
DORSETT Diana  England, Shropshire , Lightmoor Dawley Shropshire  Esp. BENJAMIN 
EVANS Diana  Wales, Radnorshire , Presteigne Bettws Radnorshire  MARTHA E. - wife of Peter Kelly Newcastle on Clun 
FULKES Diana  England, Buckinghamshire , Paddington, Wisley, Stoke Poges, London,  JOHN, b 1770 husband of1 Fanny Ashton 2 Maria 
FULKES Diana  England, Buckinghamshire , Colnbrook  CHARLES, Husband of Charlotte Gamage 
FULKES Diana  England, Middlesex , Langley marish Buckinghamshire  GEORGE, Accountant in House of Lords 
FULKES Diana  England, Shropshire , King Street Wellington Shropshire  REGINALD CHARLES F. Husband of Winifred margaret Morrey fath 
FULKES Diana  England, Devon , Plymouth Devon  DIANA MARGARET F., born Plymouth brought up in Wellington 
FULKES Diana  England, London , City Road West London  CHARLES EDWARD F. 
GAMAGE Diana  England, Middlesex , Eton Middlesex  CHARLOTTE 
GEORGESEYS Diana  Wales, Monmouthshire , Newport Monmouth Wales  PERCY married Susan Jones 
GRAINGER Diana  Wales, Cardiganshire , Cardington  SARAH, wife of Evan (John) Jones 
HINTON Diana  England, Staffordshire , Wednesbury Staffordshire  ELIZABETH 
JEFKINS Diana  England, London , Kingston Upon Thames  MARY ANN J. 
JONES Diana  England, Shropshire , Shropshire  Margaret Eleanor Jones married Reginald 
JONES Diana  England, Shropshire , Corvedale Brockton Shropshire  WILLIAM 
JONES Diana  England, Shropshire , Pitchcroft Shrewsbury Shropshire  ALBERT J. Went to live in Australia 
JONES Diana  England, Shropshire , Church Stretton  HARRY 
JONES Diana  Wales, Montgomeryshire , Berriew Welshpool Montgomary  EVAN, Father of William Jones (I think) 
JONES Diana  England, Shropshire , Eaton Constantine Shropshire  ELIZABETH J. 
KELLY Diana  England, Shropshire , High heath Bishops Castle  GEORGE ARTHUR K. - Son of William Thomas kellt & Alice Clee 
KELLY Diana  Wales, Radnorshire  IRIS MABEL K. - wife of George Arthur kelly 
KELLY Diana  England, Shropshire , Calder Clun Shropshire  WILLIAM THOMAS K. 
KELLY Diana  Ireland, Mayo , County Mayo  PETER K. - Parents Micheal & Bridget of Clun 
KELLY Diana  England, Shropshire , Newcastle on Clun  JOHN E. K. - son of Peter & Martha kelly 
KELLY Diana  Ireland, Mayo , County Mayo  MICHAEL K. - England abt 1949/50 wife Bridget morn 
KELLY Diana  England, Shropshire , Newcastle on Clun  JOHN E. K. - wife Jane hagley Mason 
KELLY Diana  England, Shropshire , Newcastle on Clun  EDWARD K. - wife Elizabeth Miles 
KELLY Diana  England, Shropshire , Newcastle on Clun  GEORGE K. - wife Margaret Jane James Atcham 
KELLY Diana  England, Shropshire , Newcastle on Clun  JAMES K. - parents Peter & Martha Kelly 
KELLY Diana  England, Shropshire , Newcastle on Clun  PETER K. - parents Peter & Martha Kelly 
KELLY Diana  England, Shropshire , Buck Hall LLangunllo  JOHN K. - parents Michael & Bridget Kelly 
KELLY Diana  Wales, Radnorshire , LLangunllo Radnorshire  MICHAEL K. - Parents Micheal & Bridget of Clun 
KELLY Diana  Wales, Radnorshire , LLangunllo Radnorshire  PATSALL K. - Parents Michael & Bridget of LLangonllo 
KELLY Diana  Wales, Radnorshire , Upper CreggBach Llangunllo  ANN K. - Parents Michael & Bridget of LLangonllo 
KELLY Diana  Wales, Radnorshire , LLangunllo Radnorshire  EDWARD K. - Parents Michael & Bridget of LLangonllo 
KELLY Diana  Wales, Radnorshire , LLangunllo Radnorshire  THOMAS K. - Parents Michael & Bridget of LLangonllo 
LLOYD Diana  England, Shropshire , Dawley Shropshire  MARY ANN L. 
LOWEN Diana  England, Surrey , Lambeth Surrey  GEORGINA 
LOWEN Diana  England, London , White Chapel London  GEORGE 
MORN Diana  Ireland, Mayo , County Mayo  BRIDGET Morn/ Moran husba Michael kelly/Kelley 
MORREY Diana  England, , 25 The Potteries Dawley Shropshire   
MORRIS Diana  England, Surrey , Walton On Thames Surrey  HENRITTA M. 
MORRIS Diana  England, Shropshire , Clun Shropshire  WILLIAM M. - Husband of Edith Annie Edwards 
OWEN Diana  England, Aquduct Dawley Shropshire  ANN O., wife of Benjamin Dorsett 
REECE Diana  England, Shropshire , Preston on Wealdmopors Shropshire  ELEANOR R. 
REECE Diana  England, Shropshire , Donnington Shropshire  ELEANOR, Wife of William Jones milk seller Wellin 
REECE Diana  England, Shropshire , Cressage Shropshire  GEORGE R. married Elizabeth Ward 
REECE Diana  England, Shropshire , Uffington Shropshire  EDWARD R., Husband of Catherine father of George 
REECE Diana  England, Shropshire , Uffington Shropshire  JOHN, Father of Edward Reece 
SMITH Diana  England, Shropshire , Wrockwardine Shropshire  JULIA S. - wife of Jonah Worrall 
TREHERNE Diana  England, Cornwall , Cornwell?  JOHN CHARLES T., lived Aston Birmingham married Eleanor J 
TREHERNE Diana  England, Warwickshire , Aston Birmingham  JOHN CHARLES T, Went to live in Bulawayo Zimbabwe 
TREHERNE Diana  Wales, Carmarthenshire , LLanarthney Carmarthenshire  JOHN CHARLES T. married Margaret Eleanor Jones 
TUNKS Diana  England, Shropshire , Llanvaivair Waterdine  ANN, wife of James Clee 
WARD Diana  England, , Horton Shropshire  wife of George Reece 
WEEKS Diana  England, Shropshire , Stirchley Shropshire  JANE W. 
WESTMACOTT PRESSDEE Diana  England, London , Mile End Old Town London   
WORRALL Diana  England, Shropshire , Granvill Street St Georges Shropshire  JOSEPH SIDNEY W. Maternal father of Winifred Morrey. died 
WORRALL Diana  England, Shropshire , Donnington Shropshire  JONAH W. - Husband of Julia Smith 
YATES Diana  England, Surrey , Surrey  MARIA 
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