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BAMFORD MrsLizzy  England, Essex , Plaistow  Edward, Amy, Stanley, Alfred, Lilian 
BARKWORTH MrsLizzy  England, Surrey , Lambeth  Sarah m J Owen c. 1830 
BRISTOW MrsLizzy  England, Middlesex , Marylebone  Sarah m J Maltby pre 1820 
CLAPP MrsLizzy  England, London , Bethnal Green  Sarah Susannah; d Workhouse 
CONNELL MrsLizzy  Ireland, Mayo , Ballina  Catherine m John Hughes abt 1920 
CULLING MrsLizzy  England, Norfolk , Yelverton  Fanny Layton Culling abt 1830 - 1867? 
DISS MrsLizzy  England, Kent , Faversham  Lucy, dau of Abraham Diss & Sarah Pi 
DISS MrsLizzy  England, Essex , Halstead  William Diss & Judith Rayner 
DODGE MrsLizzy  England, Middlesex , Bethnal Green  Maria d of Benjamin and Elizabeth 1846 
DORE MrsLizzy  England, Middlesex , Bethnal Green, Spitalfields etc  Ann, m Robert Noquet c 1780 
GIESEN MrsLizzy  England, London , Bow, Mile End etc  Charles a cab driver m Laura 1885 
GREEN MrsLizzy  England, London , Southwark  Ann, wid of James, Lee, Kent, b c. 1806 
GREEN MrsLizzy  England, Surrey , Croydon  Walter, b. 1840 Lee, Kent d post 1901 
GREEN MrsLizzy  England, Surrey , Croydon  Philip W J b c. 1874 
GREGORY MrsLizzy  England, London , Westminster  Alfred; mid 19th c. 
HACKNEY MrsLizzy  England, London , Bermondsey etc   
HALL MrsLizzy  England, Middlesex , Hackney  married Redfearn 1862; Bamford 1892 
HAYNES MrsLizzy  England, Surrey , Lambeth  Catherine dau of Robert abt 1845 
HENBEST MrsLizzy  England, Sussex , Midhurst  m. 1. Young 2. Pratt 
HUGHES MrsLizzy  England, Lancashire , Burnley and Padiham  John, wife Catherine, son Edward 1920/50 
HUMPHREYS MrsLizzy  England, London   Henrietta; 19th c. m A Gregory 
JACOBS MrsLizzy  England, Surrey , Newington  Annie d of William & Louisa Phillips 
KELLY MrsLizzy  England, Lancashire , Burnley and Padiham  Ellen nee Hughes, m John Kelly d. 1996 
LANGRIDGE MrsLizzy  England, Newington, Surrey  married Marsden 1868 
LARTER MrsLizzy  England, Norfolk   1800s 
LISTER MrsLizzy  England, Middlesex , Bethnal Green  Edward s of Thomas and Emma 1846 
MALTBY MrsLizzy  England, London , Marylebone  Emma Catherine d of John and Sarah 1820 
MARSDEN MrsLizzy  England, London   married Phillips 
MASSE MrsLizzy  Normandy, France  Catherine m Claude Poulain 
MAUDE MrsLizzy  England, Hampshire , Portsmouth  Caroline 1828-1915 m R Every 
MAYO MrsLizzy  England, Middlesex , Finsbury, also London  George m Azubah ? 
MAYO MrsLizzy  England, Gloucestershire , Cirencester;  George b 1820 Glos d 1860 Ldn 
MUSKETT MrsLizzy  England, London , Hackney  Henry m W Rawlings/Gregory 1948 
NIALS MrsLizzy  Bethnal Green, Spitalfields etc  Mary m R Noquet 1809 
NOQUET MrsLizzy  England, Middlesex , Bethnal Green, Spitalfields etc  Abraham and Anne Marguerite 1730s 
OWEN MrsLizzy  England, Surrey , Lambeth  James m S Barkworth c. 1830 
PELL MrsLizzy  England, London , Bethnal Green  Eliz Frances m Rawlings 
PHILLIPS MrsLizzy  Peckham  Richard married Louisa Marsden abt 1894 
PHILLIPS MrsLizzy  England, Gloucestershire , Bisley  Azubah m G Mayo c. 1850 
PITT MrsLizzy  England, Essex , Rainham   
POULAIN MrsLizzy  England, Middlesex , Spitalfields, from France 1690s  Anne Marguerite d of Claude 
PRATT MrsLizzy  England, Kent , Kent, Tonbridge  Robert m. Kate Young nee Henbest 
RAMEL MrsLizzy  England, Middlesex , London  Thomas, m widow Eliza Mona Phillips 1946 
RAWLINGS MrsLizzy  England, London , Bethnal Green  William Henry; 19th century 
RAYNER MrsLizzy  England, Essex , Halstead  Judith, b 1731, d 1804 
REDFEARN MrsLizzy  England, London , Bermondsey  Thomas son of William and Ann abt 1840 
SHRAPNELL MrsLizzy  England, London   Duke m H Rawlings 1940 
SILK MrsLizzy  England, London , Bethnal Green, Spitalfields etc   
SPELLER MrsLizzy  England, Essex , White Roding  Mary Ann b about 1860 
SPURLING MrsLizzy  England, Suffolk , Woodbridge  James m H Thurman/Thurmond c 1830 
STIFF MrsLizzy  England, Hampshire , Andover  William 1678; Joseph 1712-1786 
STONE MrsLizzy  England, Essex , Dunmow, Rodings  Elizabeth 1773 - 1862 m Thomas Thurley 
THOMPSON MrsLizzy  England, London , Southwark  Eliza Mona, dau of George and Sarah 
THURLEY MrsLizzy  England, Essex , Dunmow, Rodings  Henry, Thomas, Victoria m T Speller 
TRUNDLE MrsLizzy  England, Essex , Dunmow, Rodings  Mary, m Thomas Thurley 
VINSON MrsLizzy  England, Middlesex , Finsbury  Wm m Emily Mayo k/a Westley 1871 
WADE MrsLizzy  England, Essex , White Roding  William m Mary Ann Speller b abt 1860 
WESTLEY MrsLizzy  Leyton  George m Azubah Mayo 1870; 
WOOLNOUGH MrsLizzy  England, London , North; also Suffolk and Essex   
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