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ARMSTRONG dcmbarton  England, Surrey , Lambeth   
BALDWIN dcmbarton  Wales, Glamorgan , Cardiff   
BALDWIN dcmbarton  Wales, Monmouthshire , Newport   
BARTON dcmbarton  England, Norfolk , Norwich  before 1809 
BARTON dcmbarton  England, Durham , Hartlepool, Darlington   
BOSSE dcmbarton  Wales, Glamorgan , Cardiff   
BOWSER dcmbarton  England, Durham , Darlington   
BOWSER dcmbarton  England, Yorkshire , Whitby, Leeds   
BRUNTON dcmbarton  England, Durham    
BRYANT dcmbarton  England, Hertfordshire , Hinxworth   
BURKE dcmbarton  England, Durham , Hartlepool, Shincliffe,   
CARTER dcmbarton  England, Middlesex , Stoke Newington, Walworth, Tottenham etc  Descendents of William Carter (b.1829) 
CHALLEN dcmbarton  England, Middlesex , Islington, Stoke Newington  Decendents of George Challen (b.1816) 
CHIPLEN dcmbarton  England, Somerset , Wiverliscombe, Wellington   
CHIPLEN dcmbarton  Wales, Glamorgan , Cardiff   
CHIPLIN dcmbarton  England, Somerset , Wiverliscombe, Wellington   
CHIPLIN dcmbarton  Wales, Glamorgan    
COLLINS dcmbarton  Wales, Glamorgan , Cardiff   
COLLINS dcmbarton  England, Middlesex , Hoxton   
COLLINS dcmbarton  England, Buckinghamshire , Marlow   
CROASDALE dcmbarton  England, Lancashire    
DECLAIRE dcmbarton  Cardiff   
DINSDALE dcmbarton  England, Durham    
DUCHEMIN dcmbarton  England, Devon    
FRANKLIN dcmbarton  Wales, Glamorgan , Llandaff, Cardiff   
FRANKLIN dcmbarton  England, Somerset , North Curry   
GARDNER dcmbarton  Wales, Monmouthshire , Bryngwyn, Abergavenny   
GARDNER dcmbarton  England, Oxfordshire , Milton   
GREEDY dcmbarton  Wales, Glamorgan , Cardiff   
HILL dcmbarton  Wales, Pembrokeshire , Pembroke Dock   
HILL dcmbarton  England, Cumberland , Workington   
HUMPHREYS dcmbarton  Wales, Glamorgan , Cardiff   
HUMPHREYS dcmbarton  England, Lincolnshire    
HUSTWICK dcmbarton  Wales, Glamorgan , Cardiff   
HUSTWICK dcmbarton  England,    
IRONMONGER dcmbarton  England, Derbyshire    
KEALL dcmbarton  England, Lincolnshire    
KING dcmbarton  Wales, Glamorgan , Cardiff, Penarth   
KING dcmbarton  England, Somerset , West Harptree   
LEEMING dcmbarton  England, Kent , Canterbury  Descendents of Thomas & Frances Leem 
LITTLER dcmbarton  England, Middlesex , Bloomsbury   
MAHAR dcmbarton  Wales, Glamorgan , Cardiff   
MAHAR dcmbarton  England, Somerset , Purton   
MATHER dcmbarton  England, Derbyshire    
MCEVOY dcmbarton  England, Durham , Hartlepool   
MORGAN dcmbarton  England, Hertfordshire , Hinxworth   
MOTTROM dcmbarton  England, Derbyshire    
OSWELL dcmbarton  England, Gloucestershire , Gloucester   
OWEN dcmbarton  England, Shropshire , Newport, Wellington   
PHILLIPS dcmbarton  Wales, Monmouthshire , Newport   
PONTIFEX dcmbarton  England, Middlesex , London   
PORTER dcmbarton  England, Durham , Darlington   
PRINGUER dcmbarton  England, Kent , Canterbury   
PRINGUER dcmbarton  England, Middlesex , London, Stoke Newington, Hackney   
PRINGUER dcmbarton  England, Sussex , Lindfield, Horstead Keynes   
RAFFILL dcmbarton  Wales, Glamorgan , Cardiff   
RAFFILL dcmbarton  England, Devon , Branscombe   
READMAN dcmbarton  England, Yorkshire , whitby   
READMAN dcmbarton  England, Yorkshire , Leeds   
REDSHAW dcmbarton  England, Durham , Hartlepool   
REEDMAN dcmbarton  England, Derbyshire    
REEDMAN dcmbarton  England, Middlesex    
REEDMAN dcmbarton  England, Huntingdonshire    
REEDMAN dcmbarton  England, Nottinghamshire    
ROBERTS dcmbarton  England, Devon , Molton   
ROSS dcmbarton  England, Lincolnshire , Thorne   
ROXBOROUGH dcmbarton  England, Durham    
SALTMARSH dcmbarton  England, Middlesex , London, Shoreditch   
SEEDS dcmbarton  England, Derbyshire    
SHADFORTH dcmbarton  England, Durham , Hartlepool   
STANLEY dcmbarton  England, Durham , Hartlepool   
TOMS dcmbarton  England, Devon , Exeter   
TWENEY dcmbarton  Wales, Glamorgan    
UNTHANK dcmbarton  England, Durham , Hartlepool   
UNTHANK dcmbarton  England, Cumberland , Harrington, Whitehaven   
WHITMARSH dcmbarton  England, Devon , Exeter   
WHITMARSH dcmbarton  England, Sussex    
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