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ALLEN LAS1015  England, Sussex , Bosham.  Jane, born c. 1791. 
BAKER LAS1015  England, Oxfordshire , Eynsham.  Fanny, born 1812. 
BAKER LAS1015  England, Oxfordshire , Eynsham.  William, born 1774. 
BALL LAS1015  England, Kent , Bromley.  John George, born 1888. 
BALL LAS1015  England, Kent , Northfleet  Henry, born 1861 
BALL LAS1015  England, Kent , Upnor, Frindsbury.  Henry born 1836. 
BALL LAS1015  England, Kent , Frindsbury  Amos 
BISH LAS1015  England, Sussex , Wivelsfield.  Samuel, born 1845 
BISH LAS1015  England, Sussex , Ditchling.  James, born c. 1801. 
BISH LAS1015  , Sussex, Surrey, Kent.   
BRITTLE LAS1015  England, Middlesex   Ellen born c. 1834 
BRITTLE LAS1015  England, Essex , Walthamstowe.   
BROWN LAS1015  England, Kent , Cuxton  Phyllis/Phillis born 1829 
BUCKINGHAM LAS1015  England, Suffolk , Wickham, Market.  Rebecca, born c. 1846. 
BYSSHE LAS1015  England, Sussex , Pyecombe.  Christopher, born 1629. 
BYSSHE LAS1015  England, Sussex , Cuckfield.  Thomas, born 1659. 
BYSSHE LAS1015  , Surrey, Sussex   
CHURCH LAS1015  England, Buckinghamshire , Northall.  Ann, born 1840. 
CHURCH LAS1015  England, Bedfordshire , Leighton Buzzard  William, born 1814. 
CLARKE LAS1015  England, Sussex , East Blatchington.  Caroline, born 1803. 
ELLIS LAS1015  England, Kent , Bromley.  Amy, born c. 1859. 
ELSON LAS1015  England, Surrey , Ewell.  Jane, born 1831. 
FULLER LAS1015  England, Middlesex , Islington  James, born c. 1812 
FULLER LAS1015  England, Surrey , Peckham.  Eleanor, born 1867. 
GIBSON LAS1015  England, Surrey , Peckham.  Esther, born 1847. 
GIRLING LAS1015  England, Suffolk , Wickham Market.  William, born 1811. 
GURR LAS1015  England, Kent , Frindsbury  Sarah born/bap. 6 June 1819 
HARRIS LAS1015  England, Oxfordshire , Eynsham.  Rhoda, born 1843. 
HARRISS LAS1015  England, Oxfordshire , South Leigh.  William, born 1801. 
HAYNES LAS1015  England, Gloucestershire , Northleach.  Rhoda Fanny, born 1906. 
HEWSON LAS1015  England, Sussex , Bosham.  James, born c. 1791. 
HEWSON LAS1015  England, Sussex , Bosham.  Samuel, born 1816. 
HUDSON LAS1015  England, Oxfordshire , Aston.  Sarah, born 1870. 
HUDSON LAS1015  England, Oxfordshire , Cote.  John, born c. 1813. 
JENNISON LAS1015  England, Sussex , Shermanbury.  Mary, born c. 1633. 
KEAT LAS1015  England, Sussex , Peasmarsh.  Lydia, born c. 1832. 
KILLINGBECK LAS1015  England, Sussex , Lindfield and Twineham.  Frances, born c. 1557. 
KING LAS1015  England, Bedfordshire , Potton.  Mary, born c. 1817. 
KYTE LAS1015  England, Berkshire , Shelton.  Ann, born c. 1806. 
MACE LAS1015  England, Sussex , East Blatchington.  Elizabeth, born c. 1784. 
OSBORNE LAS1015  England, Sussex , Poynings.  William, born 1653. 
OWEN LAS1015  England, Oxfordshire , Eynsham.  Elizabeth, born 1769. 
PAXMAN LAS1015  England, Suffolk , Framlingham.  Eliza, born 1812. 
PAYNE LAS1015  England, Sussex , Bosham.  Jane, born c. 1816. 
PRIOR LAS1015  England, Berkshire , Grove  William, born c. 1795. 
PRIOR LAS1015  England, Berkshire , East Hanney.  John, born c. 1832. 
PRIOR LAS1015  England, Berkshire , Besselsleigh.  John, born 1864. 
PRIOR LAS1015  England, Berkshire , East Hanney.  Martha A. born c. 1861. 
PRIOR LAS1015  England, Berkshire , Besselsleigh.  Frank Hershel James, born 1897. 
PUDDLE LAS1015  England, Oxfordshire , South Leigh.  Jane, born c. 1774. 
RATHBAND LAS1015  England, Oxfordshire , Milton-under-Wychwood.   
RICHARDSON LAS1015  England, Pebworth, Gloucestershire.  Lucy Emmeline/Emmeline Lucy Richardson 
RUMSEY LAS1015  , Kent   
RUSSELL LAS1015  England, Oxfordshire , Eynsham.  James, born c. 1823. 
RUSSELL LAS1015  England, Oxfordshire , Eynsham.  William, born 1846 
SCRASE LAS1015  England, Sussex , Pyecombe.  Susanna, born 1640. 
SEARY LAS1015  England, Oxfordshire , Weald Bampton.  Esther, born 1808. 
SIMMONS LAS1015  England, Surrey , South Norwood.  Thomas, born c. 1859. 
SIMMONS LAS1015  England, Kent , Elmer's End, Beckenham.  Arthur, born 1890. 
SPINKS LAS1015  England, Surrey , Nunhead, Camberwell.  Minnie, born 1890. 
STACE LAS1015  England, Sussex , East Blatchington.  Frederick, born 1833. 
STEVENS LAS1015  England, Essex , Bowlers Green?  Charles born 1817 
TURNER LAS1015  England, Gloucestershire , Snowshill.  Edwin, born c. 1832. 
TURNER LAS1015  England, Gloucestershire , Snowshill/Laverton  Edwin David, born 1867. 
TURNER LAS1015  England, Sussex , Keymer.  Richard, born 1617. 
TURNER-HAYNES LAS1015  Coln Denys.  Thurza Anne, born 1897. 
WARD LAS1015  England, Middlesex , Fulham/Hammersmith.  Elizabeth, born c. 1833 
WHITE LAS1015  England, Berkshire , Grove  Elizabeth, born c. 1794 
WHITE LAS1015  England, Berkshire , Appleton.  Frederick Steadman, born 1862. 
WOODYER LAS1015  England, Sussex , Wivelsfield.  Elizabeth, born 1665. 
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