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BARKER JenClark  England, Yorkshire , Bolton on Swale & Sheffield   
BARRETT JenClark  England, Somerset , Westport & Barrington  also emmigrants to Brisbane AUST 
BECKER JenClark    Ober-Rosbach Bayern GERMANY 
BELLAMY JenClark  England, Yorkshire , Sheffield   
BENDER JenClark    Gruningen Hessen GERMANY 
BINGEL JenClark    Gruningen Hessen GERMANY 
BOARDMAN JenClark  England, Lancashire , Liverpool   
BOOTH JenClark  England, Yorkshire , Sheffield & Fulwood   
BOWDEN JenClark  England, Devon , Instow & West Down  also Cardiff WALES 
BRICKEL JenClark    Gruningen Hessen GERMANY 
BRIDGE JenClark  England, Somerset , Barrington & Puckington   
BRITTAN JenClark  England, Lincolnshire , Louth   
BRUMBY JenClark  England, Lincolnshire , Frodingham   
CAPEL JenClark  England, Somerset , Compton Bishop   
CASE JenClark  England, Norfolk , Toftrees & Great Fransham   
CASTLETON JenClark  England, Yorkshire , Sheffield   
CATTERALL JenClark  England, Lancashire , Liverpool   
CHATTERTON JenClark  England, Yorkshire , Sheffield   
CHATTERTON JenClark  England, Lincolnshire , Theddlethorpe, Little Cawthorpe, Louth  also Frodingham 
CHRISTIE JenClark  Scotland, Perth , Methven, Almondbank & Auchterarder   
CLARK JenClark  England, Somerset , Bristol & Churchill  Also emmigrants to Brisbane AUST 
CLARKE JenClark  England, Devon , Bideford   
COATES JenClark  England, Lincolnshire , Owston   
COKE JenClark  England, Lincolnshire    
COLE JenClark  England, Lincolnshire , Langton by Partney, Dalby   
COOK JenClark  England, Norfolk , Toftrees   
CRAIG JenClark  Scotland, Stirling , Campsie   
CREECH JenClark  England, Somerset , Isle of Brewers & Puckington   
DIBBLE JenClark  England, Somerset , Burnham on Sea   
DONALDSON JenClark  Scotland, Perth , Methven, Almondbank & Easter Arditties   
DUNHAM JenClark  England, Norfolk , Thorpland   
DUNHAM JenClark  England, Lincolnshire , Saltfleet St Clements & Skidbrooke   
ECHAM JenClark  England, Cornwall , Kenwyn   
EDWARDS JenClark  England, Somerset , Barrington   
ELLIS JenClark  England, Yorkshire , Sheffield   
ENGEL JenClark    Gruningen Hessen GERMANY 
FISCHER JenClark    Regentsburg GERMANY 
FLETCHER JenClark  England, Cheshire , Brombry?   
FOSTER JenClark  England, Warwickshire , Kineton   
FREEMAN JenClark  England, Norfolk    
FULTON JenClark  Scotland, Lanark , Cambusnethan   
FULTON JenClark  Scotland, Perth , Methven, Knowhead, Findo-Gask   
GILBERT JenClark    Gruningen Hessen GERMANY 
GLANFIELD JenClark  England, Cornwall , St Neot   
GREEN JenClark  England, Norfolk , Sculthorpe, Fakenham, Great Snoring   
GRIFFEY JenClark  England, Devon , Bideford   
GROSS JenClark    Langenhain Ober-Hessen GERMANY 
HALL JenClark  England, Yorkshire , Sheffield   
HELLEFIELD JenClark  England, Yorkshire , Sheffield   
HELLER JenClark    Gruningen Hessen GERMANY 
HOBLER JenClark    Gruningen Hessen GERMANY 
HOLDSWORTH JenClark  England, Yorkshire , Sheffield   
HOWLETT JenClark  England, Somerset , Churchill   
HUTTON JenClark  Scotland, Perth , Muckart Parish   
IBBERSON JenClark  England, Cambridgeshire , Doddington   
ISHEIM JenClark    Gruningen Hessen GERMANY 
JOHNS JenClark  England, Devon , Bideford   
JUELL JenClark  England, Norfolk , Great Fransham   
KEAST JenClark  England, Cornwall , St Neot & St Clear   
LADLOW JenClark  England, Lincolnshire , Louth   
LANCEFIELD JenClark  England, London    
LIN JenClark  Scotland, Perth    
LINGARD JenClark  England, Staffordshire , Wednesbury & Darlaston   
LOTT JenClark  England, Somerset , Burnham on Sea   
MARSTELLER JenClark    Tenterfield AU, Gruningen Hessen GERMANY 
MASON JenClark  England, Staffordshire , Wednesbury   
MCCASH JenClark  Scotland, Perth    
MCINTYRE JenClark  Scotland, Lanark , Glasgow   
MCINTYRE JenClark  Scotland, Stirling , Campsie   
MEDER JenClark    Gruningen Hessen GERMANY 
MENSFORTH JenClark  England, Lancashire , Liverpool   
MENSFORTH JenClark  England, Northumberland , North Shields   
MOECKEL JenClark    Langenhain Ober-Hessen GERMANY 
MOON JenClark  Scotland, Perth    
MUELLER JenClark    Ziegenburg Hessen GERMANY 
NEAL JenClark  England, Lincolnshire , Muckton   
NICOLL JenClark  Scotland, Caithness , Berriedale & Thurso   
PHILLIPS JenClark  England, Devon , Bideford   
PINNS JenClark  England, Norfolk , Great Fransham   
PITCHER JenClark  England, Somerset , Puckington   
POLLARD JenClark  England, Cornwall , Kenwyn & Kea   
POPE JenClark  England, Wiltshire , Salisbury   
PORTER JenClark  England, Nottinghamshire , Nottingham  Also emmigrants to Brisbane AUST 
PORTER JenClark  England, London , Holborn   
PORTER JenClark  England, Kent , Folkestone   
REITZ JenClark    Gruningen Hessen GERMANY 
ROBERTS JenClark  England, Cornwall , Kenwyn   
RUTHERFORD JenClark  Scotland, Angus (ex Forfarshire) , Dundee  Also Emmigrants to Brisbane AUST 
RUTHERFORD JenClark  Scotland, Caithness , Wick   
SANDISON JenClark  Scotland, Caithness , Watten   
SAYERS JenClark  England, Devon , Kingsbridge   
SAYERS JenClark  England, Somerset , Bedminster Bristol   
SCHMANDT JenClark    Gruningen Hessen GERMANY 
SCHWINDT JenClark    Gruningen Hessen GERMANY 
SELLWOOD JenClark  England, Somerset , Compton Bishop   
SMEDLEY JenClark  England, Yorkshire , Sheffield   
SOMMERLAD JenClark    Tenterfield AU, Ober-Hessen GERMANY 
SPIES JenClark    Gruningen Hessen GERMANY 
STAINTON JenClark  England, Yorkshire , Huddersfield, Sheffield   
STAINTON JenClark  Scotland, Roxburgh , Hawick   
STAINTON JenClark  England, Durham , Gateshead   
STANILAND JenClark  England, Yorkshire , Sheffield   
STEVIE JenClark  England, Somerset , Puckington & Ilminster   
STILES JenClark  England, Warwickshire , Kineton   
SUTHERLAND JenClark  Scotland, Caithness , Berriedale Latheron   
SUTHERLAND JenClark  Scotland, Caithness , Watten   
TAIT JenClark  Scotland, Caithness , Wick   
TAPPRELL JenClark  England, Cornwall , St Neot   
THOMPSON JenClark  England, Warwickshire , Solihull  Also emmigrants to Brisbane AUST 
THOMPSON JenClark  England, Surrey , Southwark   
TREGONNING JenClark  England, Cornwall , Kenwyn   
TRIPP JenClark  England, Somerset , Churchill   
TUBBS JenClark  England, Cambridgeshire , Witcham, Isle of Ely, Sutton, Saberton  Also emmigrants to Brisbane AUST 
TUBBS JenClark  England, Suffolk , Newmarket, Kennett   
TUCKER JenClark  England, Devon , Instow   
WALTERS JenClark  Wales, Monmouthshire , Chepstow   
WARBURTON JenClark  England, Cheshire , Tattenhall & Bebington   
WATTS JenClark  England, Surrey , Lambeth  Also Emmigrants to Brisbane AUST 
WELSH JenClark  England, Wiltshire , Salisbury   
WEYDENHAUSEN JenClark    Gruningen Hessen GERMANY 
WEYL JenClark    Gruningen Hessen GERMANY 
WILKINSON JenClark  England, Yorkshire , Sheffield   
WILLIAMSON JenClark  Scotland, Caithness , Thurso   
WILSON JenClark    Northumberland or Durham? 
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