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ADAMS masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , Nottingham  Seeking C18th Mary Ann 
ALLIN masgrace  England, Derbyshire , Heanor  C18th (also ALLEN) 
ALLOTT masgrace  England, Yorkshire , Birstall, WRY  C17th-C18th - also ALLATT 
ALVEY masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , West Bridgford area  C16th-C18th 
ARCHER masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , West Bridgford  C16th 
ASHBURY masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire   C18th 
ASHFORD masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham  C18th/C19th 
BALDOCK masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire   C16th-C18th 
BARTON masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Coventry  C18th - Seeking Ann 
BATEMAN masgrace  England, Gloucestershire , Kingswood/Bristol  Regional One-Name Study incl. S. Wales 
BATEMAN masgrace  United States of America  Miners with Bristol origins 
BATEMAN masgrace  Wales  Coalminers with Bristol origins 
BATEMAN masgrace  England, Durham   Coalminers of Bristol Origins 
BATEMAN masgrace  England, original from Bristol  Coalminers in Yorks/Notts/Derbys 
BATMAN masgrace  England, Hampshire , Kingswood/Bristol  Regional One-Name Study incl. S. Wales 
BATTMAN masgrace  England, Gloucestershire , Kingswood/Bristol  Regional One-Name Study incl. S. Wales 
BAYLISS masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Bidford on Avon  C18th - also BAILIS 
BICKNALL masgrace  England, Warwickshire , B'ham area  also BICKNELL (+ any Daniels) 
BICKNELL masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Budbrooke & Hatton  also as BICKNALL 
BIDMEAD masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Coventry  Local ONS with overseas families 
BIDMEAD masgrace  England, Gloucestershire , Rodborough area  linked to Coventry families 
BIDMEAD masgrace  US, Canada & NZ  Emigrated families from Coventry, ENG 
BLATHERWICK masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , Bunny  C18th 
BLATHERWICK masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , Burton Joyce  C18th 
BLATHERWICK masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , Lowdham  C17th-C18th 
BLOCKSTON masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , West Bridgford  C16th-C17th 
BODEN masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham  Local ONS - also rarely BOWDEN 
BODEN masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham  mtDNA available for Louisa (1845-1910) 
BODEN masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham  mtDNA available for Agnes (1869-1947) 
BOLD masgrace  England, Worcestershire   C17th/C18th 
BOLTON masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire   C17th 
BOSTOCK masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , Eastwood/Greasley  C18th 
BOWLES masgrace  England, Kent , Ramsgate & Sandwich  C18th/C19th 
BOWSKILL masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , West Bridgford  C16th-C18th 
BOYCE masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Coventry  C17th/C18th 
BOYES masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Coventry  C17th/C18th 
BOYS masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Coventry  C17th/C18th 
BOYSE masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Coventry  C17th/C18th 
BRADLEY masgrace  England, Derbyshire   C19th - roots in Elkesley, NTT 
BRADLEY masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , Elkesley  C17th/C18th then dispersing NTT & DB 
BRAIN masgrace  England, Gloucestershire , Mangotsfield  C18th 
BRICKNALL masgrace  England, Yorkshire , Foston ERY & YKS generally  c1806-1817 only (Family of Daniel) 
BRITTLE masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , Nottingham  C18th 
BROOKE masgrace  England, Yorkshire , Hartshead  C16th 
BROOKE masgrace  England, Worcestershire   C17th 
BURTON masgrace  England, Warwickshire , B'ham  C19th - also BOURTON 
BURTON masgrace  England, Staffordshire , Barton  C19th - also BOURTON 
BUSH masgrace  England, Gloucestershire , Bitton  C17th - seeking Grace BUSH 
CLIFFE masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire   C16th/C17th 
CLYFFE masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire   C16th/C17th 
COPELAND masgrace  England, Yorkshire , ERY: Preston by Hedon, Hull & Foston  also COUPLAND (1700's) 
COTTRELL masgrace  England, Somerset , SOM/DEV borders  C18th - may also be COTTERELL 
COUPLAND masgrace  England, Yorkshire , Sculcoates  about 1806 
CRESSELL masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Coventry  C18th - may be CRESSWELL or variant 
CRISP masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , Nottingham (with London connections)  One-Name Study 
DALTON masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , Nottingham  C17th 
DAVID masgrace  Wales, Glamorgan , C18th   
DEERE masgrace  England, Worcestershire , Bromsgrove  C18th 
DICKSON masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , Rolleston  C17th 
DODD masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , Nottingham  C18th 
DUDLEY masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham  C18th/C19th 
DUFFKIN masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Nuneaton & Coventry  C16th-C18th - also DUFKIN 
DUFKIN masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Nuneaton & Coventry  C16th-C18th - also DUFFKIN 
DUGARD masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham  Local ONS 
DUGARDE masgrace  England, Worcestershire , WOR  C17th/C19th 
DUNNING masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Budbrooke, Ansty & nearby villages  C17th/C18th 
FAIRBANK masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , Elkesley  C17th 
FAULK masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , Greasley area  C18th - seeking Judith 
FAULKS masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , Greasley area  C18th - seeking Judith 
FITZPATRICK masgrace  Ireland, Cork   C19th 
FLATHER masgrace  England, Yorkshire , Hartshead, WRY  C17th 
FOX masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , Trowell  C17th/C18th 
FRANCIS masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham  C18th 
FREAK masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire   C17th-C18th 
GARLAND masgrace  England, Gloucestershire , Mangotsfield/Bristol  Local ONS 
GLEDHILL masgrace  England, Yorkshire , Hartshead, WRY  C17th/C18th (also GLEADHILL) 
GODDARD masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Monks Kirby  Early C18th 
GRACE masgrace  England, Kent , Ramsgate & Ashford  C19th 
GRACE masgrace  England, Essex , Colchester & greater Essex  Seeking any Jeremiah born c1811 
GRACE masgrace  England, Yorkshire , Doncaster  C19th 
GRACE masgrace  England, Derbyshire , Holbrooke & Derby  C19th-C21st 
GRACE masgrace  England, Lancashire , Lancaster  C19th/C20th 
GRACE masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham area  C19th/C20th 
GRACE masgrace  Worldwide  Y-DNA Markers Comparison 
GRACE masgrace  England, Anywhere  Any Jeremiah bapt. 1810-1825 
GRACE masgrace  Ireland, Anywhere  Any Jeremiah bapt. 1810-1825 
GRACE masgrace  Germany, C21st - somewhere near Minden  Family of Robert & Gudrun GRACE 
GRACE masgrace  England, Yorkshire , Skipton  C19th 
GREEN masgrace  England, Greater B'ham (WOR, WAR, STS)  C19th 
HALE masgrace  England, Worcestershire , Cleeve Prior  C17th 
HALLAM masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire   C16th-C17th 
HARDING masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire   C16th-C17th 
HARE masgrace  England, Warwickshire   C16th-C17th 
HARRIMAN masgrace  England, Leicestershire , Hathern & Leicester  C17th 
HARRIS masgrace  England, Hampshire , Bitton  C18th 
HARRIS masgrace  England, Somerset , Ashbrittle  C19th 
HARRISON masgrace  England, Derbyshire , Alfreton  C19th coalmining families 
HARRYMAN masgrace  England, Leicestershire , Hathern & Leicester  C17th 
HASKINS masgrace  England, Gloucestershire , Bristol  C18th/C19th 
HAWTHORNE masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham  C18th/C19th 
HAYWARD masgrace  England, LEI & NTT  C17th/C18th 
HAYWOOD masgrace  England, LEI & NTT  C17th/C18th 
HEMUS masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , NTT & London  Links to Norfolk, LIN & worldwide 
HEPWORTH masgrace  England, Yorkshire , Birstall, WRY  C17th 
HIGGS masgrace  England, Gloucestershire , Stapleton  C18th - seeking Susannah 
HOLBROOKE masgrace  England, Gloucestershire , Iron Acton & Bristol  C18th 
HOPKIN masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , Lenton  C18th - also HOPKINS 
HORNBUCKLE masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , West Bridgford  C16th-C18th 
HUBBARD masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , West Bridgford  C16th-C18th 
HUDSWELL masgrace  England, Yorkshire , Birstall, WRY  C17th 
JANES masgrace  England, Somerset , Ashbrittle & Kittisford  C18th/C19th - also as GANES 
JENNINGS masgrace  England, Gloucestershire , Bisley  C18th - Seeking Grace 
JOANES masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , Elkesley  C18th 
JOHNES masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , Elkesley  C18th 
JONES masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , Elkesley  C18th 
KEMP masgrace  England, Worcestershire , Cleeve Prior  C17th 
KETTLEBY masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire   C17th 
KNIGHT masgrace  England, Kent , Woodnesborough, Sandwich  Late C18th - C19th 
KNIGHTON masgrace  England, Derbyshire   C18th/C19th 
KYTE masgrace  England, Derbyshire , Alfreton  C17th/C18th 
LANE masgrace  England, Somerset , Taunton  C18th/C19th 
LANE masgrace  England, Somerset , Bristol  C19th/C20th 
LANE masgrace  England, Somerset , Dunster  C19th 
LANE masgrace  England, Somerset , Bedminster  C19th/C20th 
LANE masgrace  England, Devon , Plymouth  C19th/C20th 
LEE masgrace  England, Yorkshire , Birstall, WRY  C17th/C18th 
LEES masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , Eastwood area  C18th 
LEGG masgrace  England, Gloucestershire , Stapleton, Bristol  C18th 
LITCHFIELD masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Coventry  C18th 
LOCK masgrace  England, Somerset , Taunton  C18th/C19th - seeking Elizabeth 
LOWNEY masgrace  Ireland, Cork , Clonakilty  C19th/C20th 
MACDONALD masgrace  Scotland, Anywhere  Any m. Luke = Mary pre 1822 
MACDONALD masgrace  Ireland, Anywhere  Any m. Luke = Mary pre 1822 
MACDONALD masgrace  England, Staffordshire , Black Country & Perry Barr, Birmingh  C19th/C20th 
MACDONALD masgrace  England, Staffordshire , Tipton  mtDNA available for Agnes (1869-1947) 
MANNING masgrace  Ireland, Cork , Dunmanway  C18th/C19th 
MARTIN masgrace  England, Somerset , Ashbrittle  C17th/C18th 
MARTYN masgrace  England, Somerset , Ashbrittle  C17th/C18th 
MAYNARD masgrace  England, Gloucestershire , North Stoke  C16th 
MCDONALD masgrace  Scotland, Anywhere  Any m. Luke = Mary pre 1822 
MCDONALD masgrace  Ireland, Anywhere  Any m. Luke = Mary pre 1822 
MCDONALD masgrace  England, Staffordshire , Black Country  from 1822 (many variants) 
MCDONALD masgrace  Ireland, Anywhere  Need Patrick McD=Mary marriage by 1822 
MINNIS masgrace  Ireland, Cork , Clonakilty  C19th 
MONKS masgrace  England, Gloucestershire , Stapleton  Local ONS 
MORDECAI masgrace  Wales, Glamorgan   also MORT 
MORGAN masgrace  Wales, Glamorgan   Link Capt. MORGAN to BIDMEAD 
MORT masgrace  Wales, Glamorgan , Margam  also MORDECAI 
MULLINOX masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Coventry  C18th 
O'CONNELL masgrace  Ireland, Cork , Clonakilty  C19th 
O'DONOVAN masgrace  Ireland, Cork , Clonakilty  C19th 
O'NEILL masgrace  Ireland, Cork   C19th/C20th 
O'SULLIVAN masgrace  Ireland, Cork , Bantry Bay  C19th - 2 families 
OSBORNE masgrace  England, Somerset , Bristol  C18th 
PARR masgrace  England, Staffordshire , Kinver  C17th/C18th 
PHIPPS masgrace  England, Gloucestershire , Bitton  Local ONS 
POPPLEWELL masgrace  Worldwide  One-Name Study 
POPPLEWELL masgrace  England, Yorkshire , Birstall, WRY  C16th-C19th 
POPPLEWELL masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham  C19th/C20th 
POPPLEWELL masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham  mtDNA available for Elizabeth (1818-) 
POPPLEWELL masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham  mtDNA available for Louisa (1845-1910) 
PORTMAN masgrace  England, Worcestershire , Ombersley  C17th 
POTTER masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , Eastwood  C18th 
POTTER masgrace  England, Leicestershire   POTTER=SANDERS (LEI & RUT) 
PUGSON masgrace  England, Leicestershire , Leicester  Early C17th 
QUINNEY masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Bidford on Avon  C17th/C18th 
REMINGTON masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Coventry  C18th - poss. also as RIMINGTON 
REMMINGTON masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Coventry  C18th - poss. also as RIMMINGTON 
ROBERTS masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham  mtDNA available for Elizabeth (1818-) 
ROBERTS masgrace  England, Hampshire , Portsea & Portsmouth  C19th/C20th 
ROBERTS masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham or greater area  Need Isaac ROBERTS = Lydia by 1807 
ROBERTS masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham or surrounding area  Need Isaac ROBERTS=Eleanor by 1803 
ROGERS masgrace  England, Gloucestershire , Bitton  C18th 
ROGERS masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , Mansfield  C18th 
ROWLAND masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire   Late C17th 
ROYDS masgrace  England, Yorkshire , Hartshead, WRY  C17th - also ROYDES 
ROYSTE masgrace  England, Leicestershire , Leicester area  C16th/C17th 
SALE masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Bidford on Avon  C17th/C18th 
SANDERS masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Coventry  C18th/C20th Watchmakers 
SANDERS masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Aston, Birmingham  C19th/C20th Watchmakers 
SANDERS masgrace  USA or Canada  Emigrant watchmakers from Coventry/B'ham 
SANDERS masgrace  England, Anywhere  Joseph Alexander SANDERS - gun trade 
SANDERS masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham  C18th/C19th gunmakers 
SANDERS masgrace  England, Leicestershire , Leicester & Loughborough  C19th Gunmakers 
SANDERS masgrace  England, Rutland , Oakham  C19th 
SANDERS masgrace  England, Lincolnshire , Grantham area  Late C19th/C20th 
SANDERS masgrace  England, Worcestershire , Doncaster  also SAUNDERS 
SANDERS masgrace  England, Middlesex , Anywhere  Gunmakers Late C18th/C19th 
SANDERS masgrace  England, Middlesex   Seeking Joseph Alexander (n. c1796) 
SANDERS masgrace  United States of America  Emigrants from Coventry & B'ham, ENG 
SCOFFIELD masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire   C16th/C17th 
SEASTON masgrace  England, Derbyshire , Anywhere  pre 1840 prior to migration to B'ham 
SEASTON masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham  C19th - Early variant of SESTON 
SESTON masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham  from C19th - present 
SEYWELL masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire   C16th-C17th 
SHAW masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Coventry & Birmingham  C18th Pewtermaker 
SHEILAY masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire   probably SHELLEY 
SHELLEY masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire   C16th (SHEILAY in records) 
SHELVICK masgrace  England  Any census variants (ONS) 
SHELVOCK masgrace  Worldwide  One-Name Study 
SHELVOKE masgrace  Worldwide  One-Name Study 
SHIERS masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Nuneaton  C18th - seeking Catherine 
SHILOOCK masgrace  England  All census variants (ONS) 
SHILVACK masgrace  England  All census variants (ONS) 
SHILVOCK masgrace  Worldwide  One-Name Study 
SHILVOCK masgrace  England, Worcestershire , Halesowen & Black Country  C17th - present day 
SMITH masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , Nottingham  C18th 
SMITH masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Aston (Juxta Birmingham)  C17th 
SMITH masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , Trowell  C18th 
STEPHENSON masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , Gedling area  C18th - also as STEVENSON 
STEVENSON masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , Gedling  C18th - also as STEPHENSON 
STUBBS masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Coventry  C18th 
TAGG masgrace  England, Derbyshire , Wingerworth & Alfreton  C17th/C18th 
TOMKIN masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Coventry  Late C18th 
TOMKINS masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Coventry  Late C18th 
TROWELL masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire   C17th 
TUCKER masgrace  England, Staffordshire , Tipton & STS in general  Late C18th - seeking any Hannah 
USHERWOOD masgrace  England, Kent , Ashford  1871-present day (GRACE family ancestry) 
VARLEY masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire   One-Name Study for county 
VARLEY masgrace  England, Derbyshire   One-Name Study for county 
VINES masgrace  England, Lincolnshire , Lincoln  C19th 
VINES masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham  C19th 
WALKER masgrace  England, Warwickshire   C16th 
WALKER masgrace  England, Staffordshire , Aston Juxta Birmingham  C18th 
WARNER masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Stratford on Avon  C16th 
WARNER masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Stratford on Avon  C16th 
WARNER masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Stratford on Avon  C16th 
WHEATLEY masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire   C16th-C17th 
WHEELER masgrace  England, Warwickshire   C17th 
WHEWELL masgrace  England, Yorkshire , Birstall, WRY  C17th/C18th 
WHITAKER masgrace  England, Worcestershire , Churchhill, Belbroughton  C16th-C20th 
WHITEHOUSE masgrace  England, Staffordshire , Tipton  C19th 
WHITTAKER masgrace  England, Worcestershire , Churchill, Belbroughton & N. WOR are  C16th-C20th 
WHITWORTH masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire   C16th-C17th 
WIGFIELD masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire   C16th-C17th 
WILCOX masgrace  England, Gloucestershire , Kelston  C16th 
WILKES masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Bidford on Avon & Birmingham  C17th/C18th 
WILKISON masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , Eastwood area  maybe variant of WILKINSON 
WILSON masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , Brinsley & Greasley  C17th/C18th 
WRIGHT masgrace  England, Nottinghamshire , Brinsley area  C18th - seeking origin of Ellen 
WYLD masgrace  England, Derbyshire , Heanor  C18th 
WYLDE masgrace  England, Derbyshire , Heanor  C18th - possibly earlier 
WYSE masgrace  England, Warwickshire , Burton Hastings  C17th 
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