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ARMSTRONG Karanest  Scotland, , Roxburghshire  19th century 
AULD Karanest  Canada, Quebec , Montreal  Gertie (BRACKENBURY) from England 1911 
AULD Karanest  Canada, Manitoba , Winnipeg  GERTIE alive in 1972!! 
BAKER Karanest  England, Hertfordshire , Hitchin  18-20c 
BATTERHAM Karanest  England, Lincolnshire , Deeping Fen  18-20c; sometimes spelt Ballerham 
BECK Karanest  England, Westmorland , Any  18-20c, Eleanor 
BERRY Karanest  England, Leicestershire , Croxton Kerrial  18-19c, Frances 
BIRDSALL Karanest  England, Yorkshire , Leeds   
BRACKENBURY Karanest  England, Lincolnshire , Swineshead  17-19c, moved to Doncaster after 1871 
BRENNAN Karanest  England, Westmorland , Any  Also spelt Brennand/Brinnan/Brinnand 
BRENNAND Karanest  England, Westmorland , Any  Also spelt Brennan/Brinnan/Brinnand 
BRINNAN Karanest  England, Westmorland , Any  Also spelt Brinnand/Brennan/Brennand 
BRINNAND Karanest  England, Westmorland , Any  Also spelt Brennan/Brennand/Brinnan 
BRODIE Karanest  Scotland, Perth , Any  18-20c 
BROWN Karanest  Scotland, Aberdeen , Kinellar, Aberdeen  17-19c 
CANNON Karanest  England, Hertfordshire , Any  17-20c 
CHALKLEY Karanest  England, Hertfordshire , Any   
COLLIE Karanest  Scotland, Morayshire , Any  17-19c 
CORNFORTH Karanest  England, Durham , Any   
CROWTHER Karanest  England, Yorkshire , Doncaster  19-20c 
DANIELS Karanest  England, Lincolnshire , Lincoln, Scunthorpe, Gainsborough  18-20c 
DARCY Karanest  England, Lincolnshire , Spalding  18-20c 
DONALD Karanest  Scotland, Aberdeen , Kinellar, Aberdeen  17-19c 
DUFF Karanest  Scotland, Perth , Any  18-20c 
EBB Karanest  England, Lincolnshire , Sutterton  18-20c, sometimes spelt Hibb 
ELLIS Karanest  England, Yorkshire , Kilburn  18-20c 
ELMESLEY Karanest  Scotland, Banff , Any  18-20c 
FORBES Karanest  Scotland, Perth , Kirkmichael  18-20c 
GLASHAN Karanest  Scotland, Morayshire , Any  17-19c 
GLASHON Karanest  Scotland, Morayshire , Any  17-19c 
GOW Karanest  Scotland, Caithness , Any  18-19c 
GRANT Karanest  Scotland, Angus (ex Forfarshire) , Dundee  18-20c, Grants butchers, Dundee 
GUERIN Karanest  England, Yorkshire , Northallerton  18-20c, originally from Ireland 
GUERIN Karanest  Ireland, Any  Moved to Yorkshire after 1851 
HARRIS Karanest  Scotland, Angus (ex Forfarshire) , Dundee  18-20c 
HARRISON Karanest  England, Lincolnshire , Butterwick  18-20c 
HINCHCLIFFE Karanest  England, Yorkshire , Any  18-20c 
HINCHLIFFE Karanest  England, Yorkshire , Any  18-20c 
JACKSON Karanest  England, Yorkshire , Doncaster  19-20c 
JENNINGS Karanest  England, Yorkshire , Hatfield  19-20c 
KELLY Karanest  Scotland, Morayshire , Rafford  18-19c 
LOW Karanest  Scotland, Perth , Any  18-19c 
MANSERGH Karanest  England, Lancashire , Overton  19-20c 
MIDDLETON Karanest  Scotland, Aberdeen , Aberdeen  19-20c 
MITCHELL Karanest  England, Yorkshire , Northallerton  19-20c 
MOLLISON Karanest  Scotland, Aberdeen , Any  18-20c 
NEILLANDS Karanest  Scotland, Midlothian , Edinburgh  19c 
NUTTALL Karanest  England, Yorkshire , Todmorden  19-20c 
NUTTALL Karanest  England, Lancashire , Todmorden  19-20c 
PAINE Karanest  England, Hertfordshire , Any  19c 
PAINE Karanest  England, Yorkshire , Any  19c 
PAYNE Karanest  England, Hertfordshire , Any  19c 
PAYNE Karanest  England, Yorkshire , Any  19c 
PETRIE Karanest  Scotland, Perth , Kirkmichael  17-20c 
RUDD Karanest  England, Yorkshire , Kirby Sigston  19-20c 
RUTHERFORD Karanest  Scotland, Roxburgh , Jedburgh, Cavers  18-20c 
RUTHERFORD Karanest  England, , West Derby, Bootle  19th & 20th Century 
SHAW Karanest  Scotland, Perth , Auchtergaven  19-20c 
SMEATON Karanest  England, Yorkshire , Doncaster  18-20c 
SMITH Karanest  Scotland, Aberdeen , Aberdeen  18-20c 
SPENCE Karanest  Scotland, Banff , Keith  17-20c. Also spelt SPENS 
SPENCE Karanest  Canada, Any  20c. Emigrated from Scotland 
SPENS Karanest  Scotland, Banff , Keith  17-20c. Also spelt SPENCE 
STALKER Karanest  England, Westmorland , Milnthorpe  18-20c 
STOYLIS Karanest  England, Lincolnshire , Spalding  Lucy married JOHN DANIELS in 1777 
STRACHAN Karanest  Scotland, Aberdeen , Any  19-20c 
TAYLOR Karanest  Scotland, Roxburgh , Any   
TAYLOR Karanest  Scotland, , Roxburghshire  19th century 
THOMPSON Karanest  England, Yorkshire , Northallerton  19-20c 
WARD Karanest  England, Lincolnshire , Frampton  18-20c 
WHITE Karanest  England, , Birkenhead & Bootle  19th & 20th Century 
WHYTE Karanest  England, , Birkenhead & Bootle  19th & 20th Century 
WILSON Karanest  Scotland, Angus (ex Forfarshire) , Kinnell  19-20c 
YEAMAN Karanest  Scotland, Perth , Rattray  19-20c 
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