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ALLCOCKE ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Fotherby  married Thomas Waldegrave 
ALLENBY ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , various   
BEST ecochicnz  New Zealand, , various  mostly 20th century 
BEST ecochicnz  England, Cornwall , various  some emigrated to Australia 
BINKS ecochicnz  England, Yorkshire , Manfield  sometimes spelt Bynks 
CARLING ecochicnz  England, Yorkshire , Ripon  Isabella - married Thomas Morland 
CLEGG ecochicnz  England, Durham , Auckland  Richard Allan married Ethel Wilson 
COATES ecochicnz  England, Middlesex , Paddington  Caroline married James Dance 
COATES ecochicnz  England, Dorset , Burlestone  Frederick - died Battersea 
COATES ecochicnz  England, Middlesex , Kensington  Frederick James - emigrated to NZ 
COATES ecochicnz  England, Dorset , Athelhampton  John married Elizabeth Harvey 
COOKE ecochicnz  England, Yorkshire , York  Annie married Benjamin Shears, em. 2 NZ 
CROCKER ecochicnz  England, Devon , Revelstoke  m. Samuel Revel; emig. to NZ 
CROCKER ecochicnz  England, Devon , Ermington  John married Amy Miller 
CROCKER ecochicnz  England, Devon , Ermington  Sampson married Elizabeth Harris 
CROCKER ecochicnz  England, Devon , Ermington  Sampson married Thomasin Kingcomb 
CULL ecochicnz  New Zealand, , Southland  James married Emily M.C.M.M Hoffman 
CULL ecochicnz  England, Worcestershire , Worcester  Thomas married Elizabeth Ann James 
DENTON ecochicnz  England, Berkshire , Abingdon   
DIMMOCK ecochicnz  New Zealand, , Lawrence  Frances Rose married James McIntosh 
ELCOMB ecochicnz  England, Sussex   George married Mary Osborne 
ELCOMBE ecochicnz  England, Sussex , Graffham  Caroline married Frederick James Coates 
ELCOMBE ecochicnz  England, Sussex , Petworth  William married Sarah Glover 
GARLICK ecochicnz  Australia, Victoria , St. Kilda  aka surname Gordon; emigrated 2 NZ 
GARLICK ecochicnz  New Zealand, , South Island  aka Gordon; emigrated from Aus 
GARLICK ecochicnz  England, Middlesex , London  Thomas married Jane Shuckburg 
GENTLE ecochicnz  England, Bedfordshire , Arlesey  Arthur married Matilda Goodwin 
GENTLE ecochicnz  New Zealand, , Southland  Robert Alfred married Olwyn I.G. Walker 
GLOVER ecochicnz  England, Sussex , Singleton  James married Sarah Varndle(Varndal) 
GLOVER ecochicnz  England, Sussex   James married Martha Wisdom 
GLOVER ecochicnz  England, Hampshire , Portsea  John married Mary Cooper 
GLOVER ecochicnz  England, Sussex , Charlton  Sarah married William Elcombe 
GREEN ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Wood Enderby  Anna married John Allenby 
GREEN ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Claypole  Thomas married Alice Marson 
GREEN ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Claypole  Thomas married Dorothy Thompson 
HARNESS ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , unknown  John married Jane Somerscales 
HARNESS ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Laceby  Rebecca married John Manby 
HARNESS ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Brigsley  Theophilus married Francisca Johnson 
HARNESS ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Brigsley  Thomas married Rebecca Humphrey 
HARVEY ecochicnz  England, Dorset , unknown  John married Martha Stickland 
HARVEY ecochicnz  England, Dorset , Puddletown  Elizabeth married John Coates 
HAWKE ecochicnz  England, Devon , unknown  Elizabeth married William Crocker Revell 
HAWKE ecochicnz  England, Cornwall , unknown  Joseph married Elizabeth Johns 
HAWKE ecochicnz  England, Cornwall , Launceston  Joseph married Mary Ann Pearse 
HOFFMAN ecochicnz  New Zealand, , Gore  Emily Mary Catherine May Margaret 
HOFFMAN ecochicnz  New Zealand, , Southland  Thomas married Margaret Richardson 
HUMBLE ecochicnz  Scotland, Midlothian , unknown  Edward married Margaret Morton 
HUMBLE ecochicnz  Scotland, East Lothian , Prestonpans  Isabella married Michael Quin 
HUTCHINSON ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Louth  Bridget married Daniel Waldegrave 
HUTCHINSON ecochicnz  England, Durham , Aycliffe  Isabella married Oliver Lawson 
HUTCHINSON ecochicnz  England, Durham , Ayclifffe  William married Alice (unknown) 
HUTCHINSON ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Theddlethorpe  William married Ann Hutchinson 
HUTCHINSON ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Lincoln  William married Dorothy Remington 
INGLEBY ecochicnz  England, Yorkshire , Masham  Ann married Thomas Morland 
JOHNSON ecochicnz  England, Yorkshire , Kirk Ella  Francisca married Theophilus Harness 
KENT ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Authorpe  Mary married John Allenby 
KENT ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Oxcombe  Thomas married Agnes Eastwood 
KENT ecochicnz  England, London , Burwell  Thomas married Katherine (unknown) 
KENT ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Gayton  Thomas married Ann (unknown) 
LANGWORTHY ecochicnz  England, Yorkshire , York  Sarah married William Willey 
LAWSON ecochicnz  England, Durham , New Shildon  Alice married William Morland 
LAWSON ecochicnz  England, Yorkshire , Scorton  Oliver married Sarah Fox 
LAWSON ecochicnz  England, Yorkshire , Bolton on Swale  Oliver married Mary Binks (Bynks) 
LAWSON ecochicnz  England, Yorkshire , Manfield  Oliver married Isabella Hutchinson 
LINDSEY ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Great Carlton  Charles married Joany Janey 
LINDSEY ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Great Carlton  Charles married Anne Holderness 
LINDSEY ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Great Carlton  Charles married Elizabeth (unknown) 
LINDSEY ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Saltfleetby All Saints  Charles married Mary Parker 
LINDSEY ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Saltfleetby St. Peter  Charles married Mary Wright 
LINDSEY ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Strubby  Eliza Anne married George Willey 
LINDSEY ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Strubby  John married Sarah West 
LINDSEY ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Strubby  West married Rebecca Woodliffe 
MANBY ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Brocklesby  John married (unknown). b.1551 
MANBY ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Brocklesby  John married (unknown). b.1588 
MANBY ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Brocklesby  John married (unknown). b.1614 
MANBY ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Brocklesby  Rebecca married Daniel Waldegrave 
MANBY ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Brocklesby  William married (unknown). b. bef 1519 
MARSON ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Claypole  Alice married Thomas Green 
MARSON ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Boston  Henrie married (unknown). b.1581 
MARSON ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Boston  Richard married Margaret Covell 
MCINTOSH ecochicnz  New Zealand, , Lawrence  James married Frances Rose Dimmock 
MORLAND ecochicnz  England, Yorkshire , Kirkby Malzeard  Richard married Sarah Wilson 
MORLAND ecochicnz  England, Yorkshire , Spennithorne  Thomas married Anne Nelson 
MORLAND ecochicnz  England, Yorkshire , Masham  Thomas married Ann Ingleby 
MORLAND ecochicnz  England, Yorkshire , Masham  Thomas married Isabella Carling 
MORLAND ecochicnz  England, Yorkshire , St. Agatha Gilling  William married Ann Lambert 
MORLAND ecochicnz  England, Yorkshire , Kirkby Malzeard  William married Alice Lawson 
MORLAND ecochicnz  England, Durham , Darlington  William married May Wilson 
OSBORNE ecochicnz  England, Sussex , Graffham  Mary married George Elcomb 
PATRICK ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , St. kelsey  Ann married George Richmond 
PEARSE ecochicnz  England, Devon , unknown  John married Jane Stanbury 
PEARSE ecochicnz  England, Cornwall , unknown  Mary Ann married Joseph Hawke 
PEPPER ecochicnz  New Zealand, , South Island  Sarah married Edward George Wood 
PORTER ecochicnz  Australia, New South Wales , Wagga Wagga  Queenie Doris Vera Mildred. emig. 2 NZ 
QUIN ecochicnz  New Zealand, , Lower Hutt  Elizabeth married Benjamin Cooke Shears 
QUIN ecochicnz  Scotland, East Lothian , Haddington  John Alexander m. Mary Booden Revell 
QUIN ecochicnz  Scotland, East Lothian , Haddington  Michael married Isabella Humble 
REVEL ecochicnz  England, Devon , Revelstoke  Samuel m. Elizabeth Ann Crocker 
REVEL ecochicnz  England, Devon , Holbeton  Steven married Joan Rogers 
REVEL ecochicnz  England, Devon , Holbeton  William married Mary Couch 
REVELL ecochicnz  New Zealand, , New Plymouth  Frederick Woolridge m. Caroline Sarten 
REVELL ecochicnz  New Zealand, , New Plymouth  Mary Booden m. John Alexander Quin 
REVELL ecochicnz  England, Devon , Newton Ferrers  William Crocker m. Elizabeth Hawke 
RHOADES ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Horsington  Eleanor married Joseph Thacker 
RHOADES ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Edlington  John married Eleanor Horswood 
RHOADES ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Horsington  John married Jane (unknown). b.1673 
RICHMOND ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Fotherby  Frances married William Thacker 
RICHMOND ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Fotherby  George married Ann Patrick 
RICHMOND ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Caistor  Patrick married Mary Allenby 
SHEARS ecochicnz  England, Surrey , Clapham  Benjamin married Annie Cooke 
SHEARS ecochicnz  England, Surrey , Croydon  Benjamin married Elizabeth Hawke Quin 
SHEARS ecochicnz  New Zealand, , Geraldine  Myrtle A.E married Frederick J. Coates 
SHEARS ecochicnz  England, Kent , Erith  Samuel married Hannah Matilda Stacey 
SHEARS ecochicnz  England, Kent , Bexley  William James m. Mary Byng (Bing) 
STEVENS ecochicnz  New Zealand, , South Island  Amelia Lyle m. Robert C.T Garlick 
THACKER ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Epworth  Edward married Margaret Pritcher 
THACKER ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , West Deeping  Edward married (unknown). b.1589 
THACKER ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Skellingthorpe  John married Rebeckah Tuxford 
THACKER ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Skellingthorpe  John married Dorothy Acock 
THACKER ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Swinderby  Joseph married Eleanor Rhoades 
THACKER ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Tathwell  Mary married Richard West 
THACKER ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Whaplode  Thomas married Bettrice Westwood 
THACKER ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Bucknall  William married Frances Richmond 
THACKER ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Skellingthorpe  William married Dorothy Foster 
THIMBLEBY ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Poolam  Richard & (mistress Waldegrave) b.1445 
THIMBLEBY ecochicnz  England, unknown  Thomas married Margaret Belesby 
THOMAS ecochicnz  England, Worcestershire , Tenbury Wells  Elsie May m. Albert George Willey 
VARNDLE ecochicnz  England, Sussex , Singleton  Sarah married James Glover 
WALDEGRAVE ecochicnz  England, Essex , unknown  (mistress of Richard Thimbleby, esq.) 
WALDEGRAVE ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Fotherby  Daniel married Bridget Hutchinson 
WALDEGRAVE ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Fotherby  Daniel married Rebecca Manby 
WALDEGRAVE ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Partney  John married Margaret Ormsby 
WALDEGRAVE ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Fotherby  Rebecca married Thomas Allenby 
WALDEGRAVE ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Great Steeping  Thomas married Joan (unknown). b.1556 
WALDEGRAVE ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Fotherby  Thomas married Ann Allcocke 
WALDEGRAVE ecochicnz  England, Essex , Smallbridge  William married Katherine Scamblesby 
WALKER ecochicnz  New Zealand, , South Island  John married Violet Beatrice Hughes 
WEST ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Tealby  Richard married Mary Thacker 
WEST ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Tealby  Sarah married John Lindsey 
WESTGARTH ecochicnz  England, Durham , Bishop Auckland  Ellen Newton married Thomas Wilson 
WHALLER ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Skendleby  Edward married Rebecca Bell 
WHALLER ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Ingoldmells  Jane married John Woodliffe 
WILLEY ecochicnz  New Zealand, , unknown  Albert George m. Elsie May Thomas 
WILLEY ecochicnz  United States of America, Wisconsin , Dane  George married Eliza Anne Lindsey 
WILLEY ecochicnz  England, Yorkshire , York  William married Sarah Langworthy 
WILLIAMS ecochicnz  Ireland, unknown  Sussanah M. m. Frederick W. Garlick; NZ 
WILSON ecochicnz  England, Durham , unknown  May married William Morland 
WILSON ecochicnz  England, Durham , Bishop Auckland  Thomas married Ellen (unknown). b.1844 
WISDOM ecochicnz  England, Sussex , Singleton  Martha married James Glover 
WOOD ecochicnz  New Zealand, , South Island  Arthur Oliver m. Dora Cogzell Brown 
WOOD ecochicnz  England, unknown  Edward George m. Sarah Pepper; NZ 
WOODLIFFE ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Hogsthorpe  John married Jane Whaller (Whaler) 
WOODLIFFE ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Mumby  Rebecca married West Lindsey 
WOODLIFFE ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Tetney  Thomas married Elizabeth Parker 
WOODLIFFE ecochicnz  England, Lincolnshire , Hogsthorpe  William married Rebecca Smith 
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