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  Surname Summary (This table is updated automatically after Midnight, U.K. Time)

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BARRON moraylass  Scotland, Morayshire , Rafford   
BELFORD moraylass  Ireland, Fermanagh    
BURTON moraylass  England, Lancashire , manchester   
BURTON moraylass  England, Cheshire , Tranmere   
CAMERON moraylass  Scotland, Argyll , Kildalton Islay   
CARDEN moraylass  Scotland, Lanark    
CARROLL moraylass  Ireland, Fermanagh    
CLUNES moraylass  Scotland, Morayshire , Elgin   
COLLINS moraylass  Ireland, Donegal , Letterkenny   
CORNWALL moraylass  Scotland, Midlothian , Newbattle   
COX moraylass  Ireland, Fermanagh    
CURRAN moraylass  Ireland, Donegal , Letterkenny   
CURRIE moraylass  Scotland, Argyll , Islay   
DAWSON moraylass  England, Cheshire , Tranmere, Birkenhead   
DEVINE moraylass  Ireland, Donegal , Letterkenny   
DICKSON moraylass  Scotland, Peebles    
DOLAN moraylass  Ireland, Fermanagh    
DOLAN moraylass  Scotland, Lanark , Glasgow  1900-present 
DUNDAS moraylass  Ireland, Fermanagh    
DUNNET moraylass  Scotland, Caithness    
ELLIS moraylass  Ireland, Fermanagh    
GILLIES moraylass  Scotland, Argyll , Islay   
GREER moraylass  Ireland, Fermanagh    
GRIFFIN moraylass  Ireland, Antrim , Ballymena   
HENDRY moraylass  Scotland, Morayshire    
HENRY moraylass  Ireland, Wexford    
HENRY moraylass  England, Lancashire , Wolverhampton   
HENRY moraylass  Scotland, Angus (ex Forfarshire)    
HILDITCH moraylass  England, Cheshire    
HOEY moraylass  Ireland, Fermanagh    
HORSBURGH moraylass  Scotland, Peebles    
HOY moraylass  Scotland, Lanark , Glasgow   
KENNEDY moraylass  Ireland, Fermanagh    
KILGOUR moraylass  Scotland, Aberdeen    
MARGACH moraylass  Scotland, Morayshire , Knockando   
MCARTHUR moraylass  Scotland, Argyll , Islay   
MCAULEY moraylass  Ireland, Fermanagh    
MCCAFFREY moraylass  Ireland, Fermanagh , Kesh   
MCCUSKER moraylass  Ireland, Fermanagh    
MCDONALD moraylass  Scotland, Inverness , Isle of Skye   
MCDONALD moraylass  England, Staffordshire , Wolverhampton   
MCDONALD moraylass  England, Staffordshire , Wolverhampton   
MCDONNELL moraylass  Ireland  Ireland to Wolverhampton 
MCDOUGALL moraylass  Scotland, Inverness , Isle of Skye   
MCGOVERN moraylass  Ireland, Fermanagh    
MCGRANAGHAN moraylass  Ireland, Donegal    
MCINTYRE moraylass  Scotland, Argyll , Islay   
MCKAY moraylass  Scotland, Peebles    
MCKENNA moraylass  Scotland, Lanark    
MCKENNA moraylass  Ireland   
MCKERRELL moraylass  Scotland, Argyll , Islay   
MCKILLIGAN moraylass  Scotland, Banff    
MCQUARRIE moraylass  Scotland, Argyll , Kildalton Islay   
RAEBURN moraylass  Scotland, Aberdeen , Inverurie   
REID moraylass  Scotland, Morayshire , Elgin   
REID moraylass  Scotland, Morayshire , Rothes   
SLAVEN moraylass  Ireland, Fermanagh    
STINSON moraylass  Ireland, Fermanagh    
TAYLOR moraylass  Scotland, Aberdeen , Kemnay   
TRACEY moraylass  Scotland, , Glasgow   
TREACY moraylass  Ireland, Fermanagh   
TREACY moraylass  Scotland, Lanark , Glasgow   
WALSH moraylass  Ireland, Fermanagh    
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