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  Surname Summary (This table is updated automatically after Midnight, U.K. Time)

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ALBON Lecarousel  England, Suffolk , Barnardiston   
ARBON Lecarousel  England, Barnardiston   
ARGENT Lecarousel  England, Suffolk , Barnardiston   
ASHBY Lecarousel  England, Cambridgeshire , West Wratting   
BANKS Lecarousel  England, Cambridgeshire    
BARZAGHI Lecarousel  England, London , Bethnal Green   
BELL Lecarousel  England, Cambridgeshire , West Wratting   
BENSTEAD Lecarousel  England   
BENTHAM Lecarousel  England, Cambridgeshire , Bassingbourn   
BONFIELD Lecarousel  England, Hertfordshire , Wallington  Gravely, Weston, Clothall 
BRAZAGHI Lecarousel  England, London , Bethnal Green   
CHAPMAN Lecarousel  England, Cambridgeshire    
CHERRY Lecarousel  England  Herts, Cambs 
CHINNERY Lecarousel  England, Suffolk    
COLE Lecarousel  England, Cambridgeshire , Melbourn   
COOKSLEY Lecarousel  England, London , Whitechapel, Mile End   
CORNELL Lecarousel  England, Essex , Saffron Walden   
DEAR Lecarousel  England, Hertfordshire , Hitchin   
DOUGHTON Lecarousel  England, Hertfordshire , Benington, Wallington   
DRAPER Lecarousel  England, Hertfordshire , Rushden, Wallington   
ELLIS Lecarousel  England, Hertfordshire , Hitchin   
EWEN Lecarousel  England, Essex , Saffron Walden   
FAIRFAX Lecarousel  England, London , Stepney  Died Heston, Middx, Conn, USA 
FRENCH Lecarousel  England, Hertfordshire , Sandon, Redhill, Hitchin   
GALE Lecarousel  England, London , Old Ford   
GATTON Lecarousel  England, Sussex , East Grinstead   
GEAR Lecarousel  England, Hertfordshire    
GREEN Lecarousel  England, Cambridgeshire , Kneesworth  c1845 
HAGGAR Lecarousel  England, Hertfordshire , Sandon, Herts etc   
HAGGAR Lecarousel  England, Hertfordshire , Wallington, Redhill, Sandon   
HALES Lecarousel  England, Staffordshire , Portabello   
HARMER Lecarousel  England, Hertfordshire , Weston   
HARPER Lecarousel  England, Cambridgeshire , Melbourn   
HARRYS Lecarousel  England, Hertfordshire , Hitchin   
HENSTEAD Lecarousel  England, Kedington   
HIDE Lecarousel  England, Hertfordshire , Hitchin   
HOPPING Lecarousel  England, Hertfordshire , Rushden   
HOWARD Lecarousel  England  c1850 
HUMBERSTONE Lecarousel  England, Hertfordshire , Rushden   
ILLMAN Lecarousel  England, Surrey , Reigate   
KEMP Lecarousel  England, Essex    
KING Lecarousel  England, Cambridgeshire , Orwell   
LAY Lecarousel  England, London , Bethnal Green  Shoreditch, St Luke, Deptford 
MANSFIELD Lecarousel  England, Cambridgeshire , West Wratting   
MANSFIELD Lecarousel  England, Suffolk , Barnardiston   
MARTIN Lecarousel  England, Hertfordshire    
MAYLIN Lecarousel  England, Hertfordshire , Hitchin   
MERRY Lecarousel  England, Cambridgeshire , Orwell   
MITCHELL Lecarousel  Ireland, Tyrone , Gillygooley   
MORRIS Lecarousel  England, Derbyshire , Chesterfield   
MOSE Lecarousel  England, Somerset , South Petherton   
NEGUS Lecarousel  England, Cambridgeshire , Melbourn   
NEGUS Lecarousel  England, Cambridgeshire , Bassingbourn   
NEGUS Lecarousel  England, Essex , Clavering   
NEGUS Lecarousel  England, Cheshire , Langley  c1728 
NORRIS Lecarousel  England, Berkshire , Caversham, Reading   
PETERS Lecarousel  England, Cambridgeshire , Melbourn   
PETTENGELL Lecarousel  England, Cambridgeshire , Orwell   
PRIOR Lecarousel  England, Norfolk , Docking   
RADCLIFF Lecarousel  England, Middlesex , Camden Town   
ROBINSON Lecarousel  England, Hertfordshire , Weston   
RUMBALL Lecarousel  England, Essex , Clavering   
SAUNDERS Lecarousel  England, Hertfordshire , Whitwell, Hitchin   
SELL Lecarousel  England, Essex   Langley? 
SHAMBROOKE Lecarousel  England, Hertfordshire , Gravely, Hitchin   
SHARP Lecarousel  England, Hertfordshire , Hitchin   
SHARP Lecarousel  England, Essex , Clavering   
SHELDRICK Lecarousel  England, Cambridgeshire    
SHEPHERD Lecarousel  England, Middlesex , Rotherham, High Cross  Waterloo 
SKINNER Lecarousel  England, Sussex , East Grinstead   
SPARKES Lecarousel  England, Suffolk , Barnardiston   
SPARROW Lecarousel  England, Cambridgeshire , West Wratting   
TAYLOR Lecarousel  England, Hertfordshire , Hitchin   
TEVERSHAM Lecarousel  England, Cambridgeshire , West Wratting   
TYE Lecarousel  England, Cambridgeshire    
UPCHURCH Lecarousel  England, Hertfordshire , Hitchin   
WALLIS Lecarousel  England  Bygrave 
WATSON Lecarousel  England, Hertfordshire   1700's 
WIMBLE Lecarousel  England, Surrey , Croydon   
WIMBLE Lecarousel  England, Middlesex , Islington   
WINTER Lecarousel  England, Cambridgeshire , Melbourn   
WORLAND Lecarousel  England, London , Mile End, Brixton, Poplar   
WORLAND Lecarousel  England, Cambridgeshire , Melbourn, Foulmire   
WRIGHT Lecarousel  England, Cambridgeshire , Melbourn   
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