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ANDERSON greyingrey  England, , Poplar, London Assistant tailor b Sweden c 1847(Poplar on 1871 census) 
ASHER greyingrey  England, , nottingham   
ASHER greyingrey  Germany,    
ASHER greyingrey  United States of America,    
ASHER greyingrey  England, , london.   
ASHER greyingrey  England, , Birmingham   
ASHER greyingrey  England, , Leicestershire   
ASHER greyingrey  Australia,   Samuel Lyon Asher transported 1837 
ASHER greyingrey  England, , Kent   
ASHER greyingrey  England, , Hampshire   
ASHER greyingrey  England, Lincolnshire   
BACON greyingrey  England, Nottinghamshire    
BACON greyingrey  England, Lincolnshire    
BACON greyingrey  England, Leicestershire    
BACON greyingrey  England, Derbyshire    
BANS greyingrey     
BAREFIELD greyingrey  England, , Northamptonshire   
BAREFIELD greyingrey  England, , notingham   
BAREFIELD greyingrey  England, London..   
BAREFIELD greyingrey  England, Birmingham   
BARFIELD greyingrey  England, London ..   
BARFIELD greyingrey  England, , Northants   
BARFIELD greyingrey  , Birmingham   
BAYFIELD greyingrey  England, , Nottingham   
BAYFIELD greyingrey  England, , northamptonshire   
BAYFIELD greyingrey  England, London.   
BINGLEY greyingrey  England, , Yorkshire   
BRADLEY greyingrey  England, , northamptonshire   
BRADLEY greyingrey  England, , nottingham   
BRADLEY greyingrey  England, , Cambridgeshire   
BRADLEY greyingrey  England, , London.....esp Hackney/Stepney   
BRADLEY greyingrey  England, , Leicestershire   
BRADLEY greyingrey  England, lincolnshire   
BRADLY greyingrey  England, , Leicestershire/Northants/Notts/London   
BRADLY greyingrey  England, lincolnshire   
BRAVENDER greyingrey  England, , Rutland   
BROWN greyingrey  England, , Nottinghamshire   
BROWN greyingrey  England, , Derbyshire   
CLARK greyingrey  England, , York   
CLARKE greyingrey  England, , York   
COLSON greyingrey  England, , northamptonshire   
COLSON greyingrey  England, , nottingham   
DICKENSON greyingrey  England, , Nottinghamshire   
DICKENSON greyingrey  England, , Dorset   
DICKINSON greyingrey  England, , nottinghamshire   
DICKINSON greyingrey  England, , dorset   
DREHER greyingrey  Germany, , Berlin   
DREHER greyingrey  England, , Liverpool   
DREHER greyingrey  England, , Nottingham   
DREYER greyingrey  England, , liverpool   
DREYER greyingrey  Germany, , berlin   
DRYER greyingrey  England, , liverpool   
DRYER greyingrey  England, , nottingham   
ELLIOTT greyingrey  England, , nottingham   
ELLIOTT greyingrey  England, , Somerset   
ELLIOTT greyingrey  England, , Dorset   
EMMANUEL greyingrey  England, , London/Portsea   
ETCHES greyingrey  England, , Nottingham   
FLAWN greyingrey  England, , Northamptonshire   
FRENCH greyingrey  England, , Huntingdonshire   
FRENCH greyingrey  England, , Cambridgeshire   
FRENCH greyingrey  England, , northamptonshire   
GREENE greyingrey  England, , northamptonshire   
GREENE greyingrey  England, , nottingham   
HALL greyingrey  England, , Nottinghamshire/Burton Joyce   
HARPER greyingrey  England, , Nottingham   
HART greyingrey  Denmark, , London   
HART greyingrey  England, , Cambridge   
HATFIELD greyingrey  England, , Nottingham   
HAWKINS greyingrey  England, , Leicester   
HOWKINS greyingrey  England, , Leicester   
HUDSON greyingrey  England, , nottingham   
HUDSON greyingrey  England, , York   
HUDSON greyingrey  England, , Cambridge   
HUDSON greyingrey  England, , lancashire woodplumpton   
LYON greyingrey  England, , Kent   
LYON greyingrey  England, , Nottingham   
LYON greyingrey  England, , Bedford   
LYON greyingrey  Germany,    
MAREWOOD greyingrey  England, , Somerset   
MARWOOD greyingrey  England, , Somerset   
MERRIN greyingrey  England, , Nottingham   
MORRIS greyingrey  England, , Leicestershire   
PAVEY greyingrey  England, , Somerset   
PEACH greyingrey  England, , northamptonshire   
PEACH greyingrey  England, , nottingham   
PEACH greyingrey  England, , Huntingdonshire   
REED greyingrey  England, , Notts/Derbys   
REEDS greyingrey  England, , Notts/Derbys   
REINHART greyingrey  England, , london   
REINHART greyingrey  Germany, , mecklenburg vorpommern   
REINHART greyingrey  Germany, , strelitz   
REINHART greyingrey  Germany, , lüneberg   
RIDE greyingrey  England, , Notts/Derbys   
ROCKLEY greyingrey  England, , Nottinghamshire   
SAMUELS greyingrey  England, , portsea/gillingham/chatham   
SIMPSON greyingrey  England, , nottingham   
SIMPSON greyingrey  England, , Hampshire   
TIMPSON greyingrey  England, , Shepshed Leicestershire  George married Ann Hudson 1834 
WALLIS greyingrey  England, , Derbyshire   
WATTS greyingrey  England, , Leicestershire/Nottingham  Mary married Samuel Hudson Shepshed 1725 
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