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ABBOTT jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Great Marlow   
ADKINS jillruss  England, Oxfordshire , Watlington   
ALLEN jillruss  England, Berkshire   Berks/Bucks 
AMAN jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Little Marlow  aka MAN 
BAILEY jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Cawood  before 1700 
BARNARD jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Rowley/Wistow/Whitgift   
BARNES jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Datchet  before 1700 
BARNET jillruss  England, Yorkshire , East Riding   
BARNETT jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Keyingham, Skidby, Little Weighton  a branch emigrated to Ontario 1800s 
BARRAND jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Huddersfield area   
BARRON jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Almondbury/Elland  W Yorks 
BARSLEY jillruss  England, Lincolnshire , Boothby Graffoe, Digby  1700s & before 
BAYLEY jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Burnham   
BEAN jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Huddersfield area  pre 1730 
BECKET jillruss  England, Nottinghamshire   pre 1740 Southwell 
BENSON jillruss  England, Yorkshire   Cawood 
BIRD jillruss  England, Westmorland    
BISHOP jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Laxton, Keyingham  Did George Bishop emigrate to US c 1853? 
BLACKBURN jillruss  England, Lincolnshire , Bassingham, Boothby Graffoe, Navenby  Lincs/Notts 
BLISSETT jillruss  England, Berkshire , Blewbury  aka Blizzard 
BOOTH jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Holmfirth/Kirkburton   
BOOTHROYD jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Holmfirth  Bathsheba born about 1802. Father: Joseph, blacksmith 
BOTTOMLEY jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Almondbury   
BOWERS jillruss  England, Oxfordshire   Ann md Aston Rowant 1754 
BRADFIELD jillruss  England, Berkshire , Harwell, Hagbourne   
BRAY jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Holmfirth/Wooldale   
BRITTON jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire   Harry married Florence Russell 1924 
BROWN jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Datchet  Arthur - also Hillingdon area 
BURBOROUGH jillruss  England, Oxfordshire , Enstone, Wootton, North Leigh   
CALVER jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Manningham, Bradford  Ann married James Mitchell 1885. 
CAMPBELL jillruss  Scotland, Perth    
CAMPION jillruss  England, Nottinghamshire , Southwell, North Muskham  Notts 
CARMALT jillruss  England, Cumberland , Penrith   
CARPENDALE jillruss  England, Nottinghamshire   Shelford area pre 1700 
CHALMERS jillruss  Scotland, Aberdeen , Turriff   
CHAPMAN jillruss  England, Berkshire , Bray, Cookham  Stephen married Bray 1671 
CHILD jillruss  England, Berkshire , Swallowfield  1600s 
CHURCH jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Little Marlow  1600s and before 
CLEGG jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Thornhill/Woolley   
CLIFFORD jillruss  England, Berkshire   William illeg son of Mary born Bray 1747 
COCK jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Chesham, Little Marlow   
COCKER jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Elland area   
COX jillruss  England, Shropshire , around Adderley/Norton in Hales  Susannah married Thos Simon 1745 
CRAWFORD jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire   1700s - or Middlesex? 
CRAWSHAW jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Almondbury or Ripponden  Mary married 1791 Almondbury 
CRIPPS jillruss  England, Berkshire , Stanford Dingley, Yattendon  1500s 1600s 
CROCKFORD jillruss  England, Berkshire , Hurst, Waltham St Lawrence, Binfield   
CROOKE jillruss  England, Berkshire , Hurley  1500s 
CROSSLEY jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Almondbury   
CURRELL jillruss  England, Berkshire , Brimpton, Thatcham  Richard married Brimpton 1701 
DAMS jillruss  England, Nottinghamshire , Southwell   
DANCE jillruss  England, Oxfordshire , Shiplake area  Mary married 1710 Oxford 'of Shiplake'. 
DAWSON jillruss  England, Berkshire , Clewer/Windsor   
DAWSON jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Burnham   
DAY jillruss  England, Hertfordshire , Hitchin  Frederick married Doris Russell 1928. Also Bucks 
DEVON jillruss  England, Berkshire   Ruscombe/Hurst 
DOCKER jillruss  England, Westmorland , Heversham, Kendal   
DODD jillruss  England, Westmorland , Askham, Clifton   
DONALDSON jillruss  Scotland, Perth , Dunbarney, Forgandenny   
DUCKENFIELD jillruss  England, Nottinghamshire , Warsop   
EASTWOOD jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Thornhill  pre 1700 
EDWARDS jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Burnham pre 1735   
ENGLISH jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Emley   
EVANS jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Datchet/Upton cum Chalvey/Eton   
FAVILL jillruss  England, Lincolnshire , Washingborough   
FERGUSON jillruss  Scotland, Aberdeen    
FERRIER jillruss  Scotland, Perth , Perth  Alexander married Jean Stewart 1781 
FINCH jillruss  England, Berkshire , Bray & poss Watlington  Franklin Finch 
FOSTER jillruss  England, Oxfordshire , Stonor, Watlington, Pyrton  Elizabeth married 1770 Stoner/Watlington 
FRANCE jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Almondbury/Huddersfield  family from Berry Brow 
FRANKLIN jillruss  England, Oxfordshire , South Weston or nearby   
FRITH jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Great Marlow  Where did John Frith marry Frances c. 1795-99? 
FUNGE jillruss  England, Oxfordshire    
GELDART jillruss  England, Westmorland , Witherslack and area   
GIBSON jillruss  England, Yorkshire , West Yorks & Hull & Beverley  Fairground connections 
GIRDLER jillruss  England, Berkshire , Hurst   
GLANVILLE jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Eton  before 1700 
GODDARD jillruss  England, Berkshire , Bucklebury/Brimpton  1600s 
GODWIN jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Eton  1600s 
GOMM jillruss  England, Oxfordshire   various spellings 
GRASBY jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Hotham  several spelling variations 
GRESSWELL jillruss  England, Lincolnshire , Navenby   
HALL jillruss  England, Yorkshire , North Cave  East Yorkshire 
HAMLIN jillruss  England, Berkshire , Inkpen, Ashampstead, Basildon  also spelt Hamblin(g) 
HANSLEY jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Beverley  East Yorkshire 
HARPIN jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Almondbury  pre 1670 
HARRIS jillruss  England, Berkshire , Reading/Bray  Amos married 1710 Oxford/1719 Reading 
HARRIS jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire   William married Elsie Russell 1921 
HARVEY jillruss  England, Oxfordshire , Berrick Salome   
HAWTHORNE jillruss  England, Oxfordshire , Bix   
HENWOOD jillruss  England, Berkshire , Hurst, Sparsholt, Kingston Lisle  where did Robert Henwood marry Patience c 1680-92? 
HENWOOD jillruss  England, Hampshire , Kingsclere, Ecchinswell warrener  
HOBBS jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire   also Berks William married Frances Russell 1924 
HOLLIDAY jillruss  England, Westmorland , Askham  married Thomas Dodd, buried Watermillock, Cumberland 1777 
HOLLIS jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Great Marlow   
HOLT jillruss  England, Berkshire , Hurst   
HORTON jillruss  England, Oxfordshire   Elizabeth,married 1697,Berrick Salome 
HORWOOD jillruss  England, Berkshire , Windsor/Clewer  William born c. 1779 
IKIN jillruss  England, Shropshire , Whitchurch  Sarah married 1802 Moreton Say 
JAYRE jillruss  England, Berkshire   late 1500S/early 1600S 
JENKINSON jillruss  England, Nottinghamshire    
JONES jillruss  England, Oxfordshire   John, before 1740,near Stokenchurch 
JONES jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Great Marlow   
KAYE jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Almondbury   
KETTLE jillruss  Scotland, Perth , Perth, Methven, Muthill   
KIMBER jillruss  England, Berkshire , Ardington  1500/1600s 
KIRBY jillruss  England, Berkshire   Ann,married 1714,Cookham 
KNIFE jillruss  England, Berkshire , Waltham St Lawrence   
LABUTT jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire   William married Ada Russell 1923 
LAMLEY jillruss  England, Cumberland , Penrith   
LAWRENCE jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Little Marlow  1600s & before 
LAY jillruss  England, Oxfordshire , Wootton   
LLEWELLYN jillruss  England, Shropshire , Whitchurch   
LOCKWOOD jillruss  England, Nottinghamshire , Winthorpe  Jane married 1692 to Wm Spafford in Winthorpe 
LONDON jillruss  England, Berkshire , Harwell or nearby   
LUNDY jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Beverley area  East Yorkshire 
MACKIE jillruss  Scotland, Banff , Marnoch  Isobel married Alexander Milne c. 1720 
MAN jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Little Marlow  aka AMAN 
MARSHALL jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Hotham  East Yorkshire 
MARTIN jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Great Marlow   
MARTINSON jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Adlingfleet   
MAY jillruss  England, Berkshire , Speen, Newbury   
MESSENGER jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Burnham, Ibstone   
MIDDLETON jillruss  England, Berkshire , Hurst  1600s 
MILNE jillruss  Scotland, Banff , Marnoch  also Miln or Mill 
MITCHELL jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Wexham/Langley Marish   
MITCHELL jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Liversedge, Dewsbury   
MOORHOUSE jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Almondbury  aka MOREHOUSE 
MOUNTAIN jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Flockton/Thornhill   
MURFITT jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Mirfield  aka MUFFET 
MURRAY jillruss  Scotland, Perth   Isobel married Andrew Sharp, Muthill 
NEWELL jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Hitcham  William born c. 1760-5 but where? 
NORMAN jillruss  England, Berkshire , Bray  Eleanor,married 1671, Bray but where was she born? 
NORTH jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Woolley/Thornhill   
OSBORNE jillruss  England, Berkshire   Hannah married 1665 Inkpen 
OSSINGBROOK jillruss  England, Lincolnshire , Navenby area  possibly also AULSEBROOK in Notts 
PACEY jillruss  England, Lincolnshire , Thorpe on the Hill   
PARROT jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Whitgift/Laxton   
PATCHETT jillruss  England, Nottinghamshire , Elston, East Stoke, Southwell   
PATCHETT jillruss  England, Lincolnshire , Bassingham   
PATCHETT jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Hull   
PATEY jillruss  England, Berkshire , Yattendon  1500s 
PAYNE jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Eton  Thomas, bookbinder also lived Reading, Berks 
PHILBY jillruss  England, Oxfordshire , Aston Rowant & Adwell   
PHILLIPS jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire   Paul father of Mary 1745 Upton cum Chalvey 
PHILLIPS jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Great Marlow   
PIGDEN jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire    
PIRIE jillruss  Scotland, Aberdeen   Culsalmond/Aberdeen 
PLIM jillruss  England, Surrey , Egham & near   
POLLARD jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Thornhill 1600s   
POTTENGER jillruss  England, Berkshire , mainly Basildon & Reading   
POTTINGER jillruss  England, Berkshire , mainly Basildon & Reading   
PUSEY jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Great Marlow area   
PYBUS jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Beverley/East Yorks  also Pibass etc 
RAINFORTH jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Elland area  aka RAINFORD 
RAKESTRAW jillruss  England, Oxfordshire , Bix area  early 1600s 
READING jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Great Marlow & Medmenham  also spelt Redding 
REYNOLDS jillruss  England, Shropshire , Hodnet  Joseph,1700s/?Hodnet or nearby 
RHODES jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Rawcliffe  early 1700s and before 
RICHARDSON jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Cherry Burton  East Yorkshire 1600s 
ROE jillruss  England, Shropshire , Ightfield, Moreton Say   
RUSSELL jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Medmenham, Hambleden, Little Marlow  Hughenden in early 1600s 
RUSSELL jillruss  England, Berkshire , Bray,Binfield   
SAVAGE jillruss  England, Westmorland , Clifton  mostly Quakers 
SCOTT jillruss  England, Cumberland , Penrith & Wigton   
SCULLER jillruss  England, Berkshire , Basildon area   
SHANK jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , West Wycombe   
SHARP jillruss  Scotland, Perth , Machany, Muthill   
SHEPHERD jillruss  England, Nottinghamshire , Shelford area   
SHEPHERD jillruss  Scotland, Aberdeen , Aberdeen  also Banffshire 
SHEPHERD jillruss  England, Worcestershire , Powick   
SILLS jillruss  England, Nottinghamshire , Winthorpe, East Stoke   
SIMMONDS jillruss  England, Berkshire , Cookham   
SIMMONS jillruss  England, Oxfordshire , Bix or nearby  James,late 1600s/early 1700s 
SIMON jillruss  England, Shropshire , Moreton Say, Hodnet  Elizabeth born 1816 Moreton Say - what happened to her mother Mary Simon? 
SIMS jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Taplow, Hitcham  Rachel b. 1767 Taplow, md 1785 Hitcham 
SLADE jillruss  England, Oxfordshire , Britwell Salome, Benson   
SMALLEY jillruss  England, Nottinghamshire , Shelford, Gedling area   
SMEWING jillruss  England, Middlesex , Hillingdon/Uxbridge  1600s 
SMITH jillruss  England, Berkshire , Cookham  William Smith born Cookham c. 1715 
SMITH jillruss  England, Nottinghamshire , Shelford area   
SMITH jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Kirkburton  Mally born c. 1762 
SNELL jillruss  England, Berkshire , Bucklebury, Bradfield   
SNELLING jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Great Marlow   
SNOWSELL jillruss  England, Oxfordshire   North Leigh/Britwell Salome 
SPAFFORD jillruss  England, Nottinghamshire , Syerston, South Muskham   
SPENCER jillruss  England, Berkshire , Reading  poss also Oxon 
STEEPLE jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Hull and Rawcliffe   
STEWART jillruss  Scotland, Perth , Perth, ? Longforgan  Jean married 1781 Perth 
STOKES jillruss  England, Nottinghamshire , Radcliffe, Gedling area   
STUBBS jillruss  England, Staffordshire , Oulton near Stone   
STUBBS jillruss  England, Shropshire , Moreton Say   
SYKES jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Almondbury  Tunnicliffe Hill 
SYMONDS jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Hambleden  Joseph married Sarah c. 1738 ? near Hambleden 
TAGG jillruss  England, Oxfordshire , Watlington/Cuxham area  moved into Bisham, Berks 
TAYLOR jillruss  England, Shropshire , Whitchurch   
THICKPENNY jillruss  England, Lincolnshire , Skellingthorpe   
THURSTON jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Hull  William married Jane Annie Gibson in 1899 
TICE jillruss  Hants/Surrey/Berks   
TICKNER jillruss  England, Berkshire , Wokingham  1600s 
TIGWELL jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire   George married Violet Russell 1930 
TINDALL jillruss  England, Yorkshire , North Newbald/Little Weighton  also Tindale/Tyndal 
TODD jillruss  England, Cumberland , poss Dacre   
TODD jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire    
TROUGHTON jillruss  England, Westmorland   Kendal 
TRUSS jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Great Marlow   
TYLER jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire , Little Marlow/Hambleden  1600/1700s 
WADFORTH jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Hull  William married Alice Ann Gibson 1917 
WALKER jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire   Great marlow, Dorney 
WARD jillruss  England, Buckinghamshire   Catherine,married 1728 
WARTERS jillruss  England, Oxfordshire    
WATERHOUSE jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Almondbury   
WATKIN jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Cawood & Wistow  N Yorks 
WHITE jillruss  England, Oxfordshire , South Weston or nearby   
WHITTAKER jillruss  England, Yorkshire , Thornhill/poss Dewsbury   
WILSON jillruss  Scotland, Banff    
WOODWELL jillruss  England, Berkshire , Bray  version of Woodall? 
YOUNG jillruss  Scotland, Perth , Perth, Caputh, Blairgowrie   
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