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Record #3811
Name :
: Samuel James BEST (1897 - )

BMD and other details
Date of Birth
: 24 Feb 1897

Marriage (1)
Marriage (2)

Date of Death
Abode (1) : Place of BirthIreland, Antrim, Belfast
Abode (2) : Place of Death / Burial
Sailing Information
Date of Arrival
: 31 May 1908
: Canada

: Dominion

Placement Family
Homes / Agencys
Institution (GB)

: Barnardos
NotesIn 1908, Samuel Best, 11, arrived in Quebec, Canada, along with a group of 109 girls en route to Peterborough, Ontario, Canada and 219 boys en route to Toronto, Ontario, Canada accompanied by Mr. Lloyd.

On November 5, 1915, at Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada, Samuel James Best, 18, enlisted in the Canadian Armed Forces. He declared that he resided in Penetang, Ontario, Canada; that he was born in Dromore, County Down, Ireland; that his next of kin was his sister, Mrs. Nellie Bess, who resided at 23 Collbeg Street, Belfast, Ireland; that his date of birth was February 24, 1897; that he was a farmer; and that he was not married. He was described as 5 foot 4-1/2 inches in height; fair complexion; blue eyes; light brown hair. He was a member of the Church of England.

On April 4, 1923, St. Georges Church, Guelph, Wellington, Ontario, Canada, a marriage was registered between Samuel Alexander Best, 26, sawyer, born in Belfast, Ireland, son of John and Ellen Best (parents died young, and maiden name isn't to be ascertained); and May Brownsward, 28, machine operator, born in Newcastle, Staffordshire, England, Henry Brownsward and Emma Bates. 
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IDNameDOBPlace of birthArrivals & ShipsDest.AgencyFamily links
22143 AIKIN, David1892IRL, ANT, Belfast Mar 1901 : Tunisian CAN Barnardos  
4995 ALLEN, Kathleen1916IRL, ANT, Belfast Sep 1930 : Duchess of Bedford CAN Barnardos  
7974 ANDREWS, John William1914IRL, ANT, Carrickfergus Apr 1930 : Letitia CAN British Immigration and Colonisation Association  
8193 BALL, John A1913IRL, ANT, Belfast Sep 1928 : Antonia CAN National Childrens Home  
10495 BELL, Nelson1907IRL, ANT, Belfast Oct 1920 : Scandinavian CAN Barnardos  
3808 BEST, Olive Margaret1900IRL, ANT, Belfast May 1908 : Dominion CAN Barnardos  
3811 BEST, Samuel James1897IRL, ANT, Belfast May 1908 : Dominion CAN Barnardos  
11520 BLAIR, John M 1892IRL, ANT, Belfast Jul 1904 : Southwark CAN Barnardos  
7975 BLAKLEY, Robert1913IRL, ANT, Belfast Apr 1930 : Letitia CAN British Immigration and Colonisation Association  
8465 CARNEY, Hugh1914IRL, ANT, Belfast Apr 1930 : Duchess of Bedford CAN Catholic Emigration Association  
4482 CLOSE, Florence Ivy1913IRL, ANT, Belfast Oct 1929 : Athenia CAN Salvation Army  
10446 COCROFT, John Moore1910IRL, ANT, Belfast Jul 1923 : Minnedosa CAN Barnardos  
5349 DALY, Edward1914IRL, ANT, Belfast Apr 1929 : Duchess of York CAN Fegan Homes for Boys  
5350 DALY, John1915IRL, ANT, Belfast Apr 1929 : Duchess of York CAN Fegan Homes for Boys  
7976 DAVISON, Robert1914IRL, ANT, Belfast Apr 1930 : Letitia CAN British Immigration and Colonisation Association  
7977 DEMPSTER, William1911IRL, ANT, Belfast Apr 1930 : Letitia CAN British Immigration and Colonisation Association  
5199 DILLON, Sarah1923IRL, ANT, Belfast Sep 1935 : Duchess of Atholl CAN Fairbridge Homes  
2882 DUNSEITH, Alexander1887IRL, ANT, Belfast Mar 1903 : Canada CAN Barnardos  
2884 DUNSEITH, George1891IRL, ANT, Belfast Jul 1904 : Southwark CAN Barnardos  
2883 DUNSEITH, James1889IRL, ANT, Belfast Mar 1903 : Canada CAN Barnardos  
8280 FLANAGAN, John1914IRL, ANT, Belfast Apr 1928 : Montclare CAN Barnardos  
27316 FOLEY, Victor1925IRL, ANT, Belfast Jun 1939 : Strathaird AUS Fairbridge Homes  
12578 FULTON, Robert1896IRL, ANT, Belfast Jul 1907 : Kensington CAN Barnardos  
12579 FULTON, Robert James1896IRL, ANT, Belfast May 1912 : Corsican CAN MacPherson Homes  
5091 HATTON, William1911IRL, ANT, Belfast Aug 1926 : Montrose CAN Barnardos  
9312 JOHNSTON, Samuel1907IRL, ANT, Belfast Apr 1917 : Scandinavian CAN Barnardos  
9314 JOHNSTON, Samuel1911IRL, ANT, Belfast Jun 1921 : Scandinavian CAN Barnardos  
5179 KING, James 1917IRL, ANT, Belfast Mar 1932 : Montclare CAN Barnardos  
12110 LEMON, Victor1915IRL, ANT, Belfast May 1928 : Ballarat AUS Fairbridge Homes  
4483 MCCARTNEY, David 1914IRL, ANT, Belfast Oct 1929 : Athenia CAN Catholic Emigration Society  
IDNameDOBPlace of birthArrivals & ShipsDest.AgencyFamily links
Page: [1] 2 55 Entries        
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