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Record #8407
Name :
: Herbert Alfred OWEN (1896 - 1909)
  aka : Herbert Albert Owens

BMD and other details
Date of Birth
: 1896

Marriage (1)
Marriage (2)

Date of Death
: 5 Apr 1909   Notes : Gangrene due to severe Frostbite
Abode (1) : Place of BirthEngland, Middlesex, Hendon
Abode (2) : Place of Death / BurialCanada, Macgregor
Sailing Information
Date of Arrival
: 9 Oct 1904
: Canada

: Southwark

Placement Family
Homes / Agencys
Institution (GB)

: Barnardos
NotesA birth registration was found for Herbert Alfred Owen: Year of Registration: 1896; Quarter of Registration: Oct-Nov-Dec; District: Hendon (1837-1947); County: Middlesex; Volume: 3a; Page: 177.

In 1904, H. A. Owen, 8, arrived at Quebec, Canada, in a group of 310 Barnardo boys en route to Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Herbert was placed with farmer Richard Hodge in Macgregor, Manitoba, Canada. His life was cut short by negligent medical care by Mr. Hodge and documented in the local papers.

Thursday, April 08, 1909 Winnipeg, Manitoba
Winnipeg Free Press


Herbert Owens Expired From Effects of Bad Frost Bites Early in the Winter.

Macgregor, Man., April 7 -- Herbert Alfred Owens, twelve years of age, who was living with Richard Hodge, two miles northeast of the town, died of gangrene on Monday evening, as the result of having his feet frozen some time last December. Owens was a Barnardo boy. He did not receive proper care after being frozen, so that his heels and toes dropped off. On Monday morning Dr. Ponton was called in to see the boy, but on arriving at the house he found the lad unconscious and beyond medical aid. Gangrene had set in, and before night he was dead.

A jury was empanelled to-day to hold an inquest, and it was decided that a post-mortem was necessary. This will be held to-night and the Inquest has been postponed until Tuesday. Mr. Struthers, of the Barnardo home, arrived to-night to investigate the case.

Saturday, April 10, 1909 Winnipeg, Manitoba
Winnipeg Free Press


Richard Hodge Accused of Criminal negligence in Connection With Death of Herbert Owens.

Macgregor, Man., April 9 -- A new development following the death of Herbert Owens from gangrene last Monday evening occurred this afternoon, when at the request of Crown Proscecutor F. G. Taylor, Provincial Constable Cox of Portage la Prairie, came out here and arrest Richard Hodge, with whom the lad had been living, previous to his death, and took him back to Portage on a charge of criminal negligence. Hodge will be retained at Portage pending an Inquest, which will be resumed here on Tuesday next.

Herbert Owens, who was a Barnardo boy of 11, was brought out from Ontario last November under an agreement to live with Richard Hodge, a well known farmer of the district. In December he had his feet frozen while working round the buildings. It is thought that proper care was not taken of the frozen members, for some time after abscesses began to break out on various parts of the lad's body. No doctor was called and blood poisoning set in. On Monday morning last when the doctor was first called the boy was in an unconscious condition, and nothing could be done to save his life, death occurring that evening without the lad regaining consciousness.

Warrant Issued for Hodge's Arrest.

Dr. Ponton coroner of the district empanelled a jury, and an Inquest was opened which was, however, adjourned until Tuesday next as a post mortem was considered necessary. Under Dr. Bonton's direction, a post mortem was held on Wednesday morning and the stomach of the dead boy was sent to Winnipeg. A bond of $100 was taken from Richard Hodge to insure his appearance at the Inquest, but on further investigation by the attorney general's department, a warrant was taken out for his arrest. Hodge was taken into custody to-day and taken to Portage this evening.

William Hodge, the father of the accused, who accompanied his son to Portage declares that no one had any idea of the serious nature of the disease, everyone thinking that the lad was simply afflicted with boils.

E. A. Struthers, western agent for the Barnardo home, went out on Thursday to investigate the case, and does not think that it was a case of wilful neglect, since medical attention could easily be procured if it was thought necessary. The deceased was buried yesterday. Rev. Mr. Warwick performing the service.

Wednesday, April 14, 1909
Toronto Star


Man is Accused of Not Securing Medical Attention

Special to the Star

Macgregor, Man., April 14--A coroner's jury found that Herbert Albert Owens came to his death through lack of medical attention and ignorance of the seriousness of the lad's condition on the part of his guardian, Hodge. Owens was a Barnardo boy, who died of gangrenous frost bite. Hodge is detained in custody. He will be charged at Portage la Prairie with criminal neglect.

Wednesday, April 14, 1909 Winnipeg, Manitoba
Winnipeg Free Press


Coroner's Jury Declares Death of Owen was Due to Ignorance as to Nature of the Ailment.

Macgregor, Man., April 13--At the adjourned inquest concerning the death of Herbert A. Owens, a Barnardo boy, from gangrene at the home of Richard Hodge, a farmer of the district, which was held to-day, the jury returned a verdict ot the effect that the deceased came to his death through the ignorance of his employer concerning his condition.

The Inquest was resumed this morning at 10 o'clock under the direction of Coroner Ponton, and the evidence adduced during the forenoon session did not impute wilful negligence on the part of Richard Hodge. Dr. Howarth, who held the post mortem last Wednesday, gave evidence to the effect that the boy came to his death from gangrene and abscessed caused primarily by freezing of the feet.

Richard Hodge, who has been under arrest at Portage la Prairie on a charge of criminal negligence, will receive his preliminary hearing to-morrow in that city. Crown Prosecutor P. E. McKinnon will act for the crown, and Mr. HOgg, of Portage, for the defence. 
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