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Record #27913
Name :
: William HEROLD (1850 - 1934)

: Gottlieb Ernst HEROLD
: Magdalena SCHMID
BMD and other details
Date of Birth
: 6 May 1850   Notes : Wuerttemberg Church Records

Marriage (1)
: 26 Jul 1875   Spouse/Notes : Bradford St Peter
Marriage (2)

Date of Death
: Q4 1934   Notes : Registered in Warrington
Abode (1) : Country of Origin / NotesGermany, Baden-Württemberg, Adelsheim
Abode (2)England, Lancashire, Everton

121 Leadenhall Street
1881 Census
Abode (3)England, Lancashire, Toxteth Park

15 Wolfe Street
1891 Census
Abode (4)England, Lancashire, Toxteth Park

243 Mill Street
1901 & 1911 Census
NotesMarriage to ID 28499 Luise Christine Rosine JAKOB, both living at 276 Wakefield Road. Witnesses John STIMPFIG and Marie JAKOB.
Children Mary Louisa 1876, William 1877, Ernest 1879, Louisa 1881, Frederick 1883, Caroline 1885, Edith 1888, Kate Bertha 1890, Christina Lilian 1893, Magdalena 1895 and Charles Gottlieb 1897.
1901 Census - Rose SCHWAB 30 assisting.
1911 Census - Wilhelmina BUCK 19, Emil YOUNG 21 and Albert PFAHL 17 assisting. Emil married William’s daughter Edith.
1921 Census - at 64 Hope Place, Liverpool, John VOGEL 27, his wife and William's daughter, Christine 27 and grandson Edward HEROLD 4 in household. John VOGEL working for father ID 28064 Christian VOGEL.
Interred at St James' Cemetery, Liverpool with Luise. Home address at death 8 Dallson Lane, Warrington. 
ContributorsCreated : 2020-05-03 07:59:14 / Corsica

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IDName"aka" (anglicised)DOBPlace of birth, originAbode(s)Family links
2367 AMENDT, Karolina Katharina BarbaraWENZEL (NEE AMENDT) 1840 D__, BWU, Adelsheim ENG, YKS, Wakefielod  
28279 GOETZ, Carl Ludwig 1865 D__, BWU, Adelsheim ENG, LND, Stockwell
ENG, LND, New Cross
ENG, KEN, Bexleyheath 
25265 GÖTZ, Christian Gottlieb ErnestGOTZ 1856 D__, BWU, Adelsheim ENG, DUR, Darlington
ENG, DUR, Jarrow
ENG, BDF, Wootton 
27913 HEROLD, William 1850 D__, BWU, Adelsheim ENG, LAN, Everton
ENG, LAN, Toxteth Park
ENG, LAN, Toxteth Park 
2293 KNIEHL, Julius Ruppert 1887 D__, BWU, Adelsheim ENG, LND
ENG, LND, Bethnal Green 
2277 KNÖRZER, Louisa CarolineWALTER (NEE KNORZER) 1864 D__, BWU, Adelsheim ENG, LND, Lee
ENG, LND, Bethnal Green
ENG, LND, Bethnal Green 
2486 SCHMIDT, Anna Maria HeleneGOLTENBOTH (NEE SCHMIDT) 1857 D__, BWU, Adelsheim ENG, LND, London
ENG, ESS, Walthamstow
ENG, SRY, Wandsworth 
2485 SCHMIDT, Carl Joseph 1848 D__, BWU, Adelsheim ENG, LND, Westminster
ENG, LND, Newington
ENG, LND, Chiswick 
2251 WENZEL, Heinrich August 1841 D__, BWU, Adelsheim ENG, LND
ENG, YKS, Wakefield
28084 WENZEL, John Everard 1856 D__, BWU, Adelsheim ENG, LAN, Wigan
ENG, LAN, Wigan