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The RootsChat Reference Library

The RootsChat Reference Library is a collection of lists, catalogues and database projects
that can help you in your Family History researches.

More information about these projects, with tips and discussions, can be
found in various forum topics in the Technical Help » Reference Library board.

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The "1901 Leftovers" Site

This a collection of transcripts from the 1901 U.K. Census.
Once you have downloaded a page from the 1901 U.K. census, and transcribed your family,
you are invariably left with other families on the page, which may very well be of use to someone else.
So various transcribers have donated their "leftovers" to this site, to help you search for your relatives.

See also: Topic: The RootsChat "1901 Leftovers" Site

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(*) March 2015

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