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Record #28125
Name :
: Frederick BUSCH (1881 - 1957)

BMD and other details
Date of Birth
: 21 Oct 1881   Notes : 1939 Register

Marriage (1)
: Q4 1907   Spouse/Notes : Registered in Lambeth
Marriage (2)

Date of Death
: Q2 1957   Notes : Registered in Bromley, Kent
Abode (1) : Country of Origin / NotesGermany
Abode (2)England, Lancashire, Manchester

7 Garrett Street
1901 Census
Abode (3)England, London, Brixton

92 Somerleyton Road
1911 Census
Abode (4)England, Kent, Bromley

61 Cowper Road
1939 Register
NotesMarriage to Mildred Middleton SMITH b 3 Oct 1884 d 8 May 1965.
1901 Census - assisting ID 1622 Charles August ZELTNER
1939 Register - Frederick noted as a butcher now a laundryman with wife Mildred, a laundress, also pensioners Elizabeth STROUD 80 and Mildred H STROUD 70. 
ContributorsCreated : 2020-12-29 12:33:36 / limehouse79

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IDName"aka" (anglicised)DOBPlace of birth, originAbode(s)Family links
2049 BAUER, Johann 1891 D__, BWU ENG, LAN, Manchester  
20304 BIERMANN, Carl 1851 D__, BAY, Braunsbach ENG, YKS, Skipton
ENG, LAN, Manchester 
2262 BÜHRER, MariePRAZ (NEE BÜHRER) 1861 D__,      ENG, YKS, Sculcoates
ENG, LAN, Manchester 
1038 BURGARD, Johann 1875 D__,      ENG, LAN, Manchester  
28125 BUSCH, Frederick 1881 D__,      ENG, LAN, Manchester
ENG, LND, Brixton
ENG, KEN, Bromley 
1047 BUTTNER, Albert 1892 D__,      ENG, LAN, Manchester  
1044 BUTTNER, Friedrich 1878 D__,      ENG, LAN, Manchester  
1045 BUTTNER, Georg 1882 D__,     , Returned ENG, LAN, Manchester  
27674 BUTTNER, George 1879 D__,     , Butterberg ENG, LAN, Chorlton, 464, South Manchester  
1046 BUTTNER, Johann  1891 D__,      ENG, LAN, Manchester  
25113 EBERT, Georg LouisEBERT 1861 D__, BWU ENG, YKS, Sheffield
ENG, LAN, Manchester 
161 EBERT, PhilippEBERT 1861 D__, BWU, Wachbach ENG, YKS, Sheffield
ENG, LAN, Manchester 
5479 ERHARDT, Johann Frederick 1854 D__,      ENG, CHS, Congleton
ENG, LAN, Manchester
ENG, LAN, Medlock upon Chorlton 
1051 FISHER, Maria Magdalena 1857 D__,      USA, NY_, New York
ENG, LAN, Manchester
ENG, CHS, Birkenhead 
197 FRANK, CarolineEBERT (NEE FRANK) 1864 D__, BWU, Döttingen ENG, LAN, Manchester  
1108 FRIEDRICH, Barbara  D__,      ENG, LAN, Manchester  
1110 FUNK, Eva Rosina 1866 D__, BWU, Belsenberg ENG, YKS, Rotherham
ENG, LAN, Manchester 
1113 FUNK, Johann Wilhelm 1880 D__, BWU, Belsenberg ENG, LAN, Manchester
ENG, YKS, Sheffield 
1112 FUNK, Maria Barbara 1874 D__, BWU, Belsenberg ENG, YKS, Sheffield
ENG, LAN, Manchester 
2051 GILBERT, Albert 1881 D__, BWU ENG, LAN, Manchester
272 HAAG, Georg LeonhardHAAG 1858 D__, BWU, Hermuthausen ENG, YKS, Huddersfield
ENG, LAN, Manchester 
1200 HERMANN, Annie 1880 D__,      ENG, LAN, Manchester  
2059 HOFER, CharlesHOPE 1883 D__,      ENG, LAN, Manchester  
2061 HOFER, Fred 1872 D__, BWU ENG, LAN, Manchester SwissGill  
383 HORNUNG, Heinrich WilhelmHORNUNG 1865 D__,      ENG, LAN, Todmorden
ENG, LAN, Manchester
ENG, LAN, Haslingden 
1238 HUB, Leonhard Henry 1863 D__, BWU, Morsbach ENG, YKS, Rotherham
ENG, LAN, Manchester
ENG, LAN, Manchester 
1807 KIRCHER, Christian 1864 D__,      ENG, NTT, Worksop
ENG,     , Manchester 
1291 KOEHLER, Louisa 1889 D__,      ENG, LAN, Manchester  
1293 KOEHLER, Mary 1893 D__,      ENG, LAN, Manchester  
1292 KOEHLER, Pauline 1880 D__,      ENG, LAN, Manchester  
IDName"aka" (anglicised)DOBPlace of birth, originAbode(s)Family links
Page: [1] 2 3 82 Entries        
Surnames starting with:   A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z  30 Entries